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Who’s YOUR favorite Beatle?

Uncut magazine is running a cover story on all-things Beatles this month.  The magazine issue is filled with other artists talking about their favorite Beatle, and the impact they played in their lives. On their website you can vote for your favorite member of The Fab Four.  I personally I favor John, but don’t tell Paul, George, and Ringo that.  It’s like asking a mother which child is her favorite.  Leave us your comments on your favorite Beatle. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Beatles; collectively loved as The Fab Four – but is there one Beatle who deserved to be loved more than the others?

In the new issue of Uncut – we get four famous fans to pick their favourite Beatle and tell us why they’ve made their choice.

Read the full special; Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl on Ringo, Oasis’ Liam & Noel, Beach Boy Brian Wilson, and The Smiths’ Johnny Marr on George and then tell us if you think they’re right!

Who deserves to be your favourite Beatle?

Source: Uncut Magazine 


4 Responses

  1. Picking a favorite Beatle is like choosing a favorite grandchild, you know you have one but will never admit it. (So don’t tell my grandkids John was my favorite!)

  2. For me, it is Paul. He even inspired me to become a bass guitarist.

  3. john = most experimental ,most distinctive vocals, wittiest, joint best songwriter with paul

    paul = best vocalist , most talented musician over all, nicest beatle, hardest working,and equally as good songwriter as john if not more productive in terms of qauntity .

    george= vastly underused maybe through fear of actually been as good if not better in some cases as a songwriter in the BEATLES not solo but within the period and the gel of the whole band had the least output but most consistent in the lack of chances to to make a shocker,also very good vocals quite similiar to lennons without the rusk.

    ringo= the drummer and a very good drummer at that his fills where and are pretty much his style and very recognisable , great character, the funny one, nice deep voice,

    imho paul pips it for me he was the one who was 100% commited always writing wanting to keep doin it , and overshadowed by lennon because of his status gained through his sad death paul has become the scape goat for all the bad that happened in the beatles and is alsothe most succesful composer ever by guinness book of records and has the most covered song ever yesterday. 🙂

  4. my fauvorite beatle is paulllllllllll! i think he was the best… maybe right know Jhon Lennon is more popular, his horrible dead became him a “mito”, but i love paul he created most of the hits of the beatles and i think he was the team soul… and Harrison is a genious too

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