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100,000 Beatle fans can’t be wrong!

This blog has only been up since late April of this year, and yesterday I hit two milestones…350 posts and I hit 100,000 visits.  Not bad at all.  I simply started this site as a way for me to keep up with all things Beatles’ and a way for me to keep a lot of my links straight.  I never expected it to get the type of traffic that it does.  I’m impressed.

In the process I think I have progressed at posting varied content, and interesting news stories.  I also have met several new Beatle friends online, and gotten some free stuff too.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the readers who check in on a daily basis, and  all of those who submit content, and comment.  I have loved hearing from people who are as passionate about The Beatles as I am.  This blogging endeavor is great, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting it together.  Thank you guys for making it such a success!

Here’s to another 100,000!


One Response

  1. I thank you for the effort you put in to what’s becoming a must daily visit for me. Taking a Beatle break at this blog has been my pleasure.

    Keep up the good work

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