Heather Mills to represent herself to save cash.

WOW.  All I have to say is  that.  Someone has to tell Heather to stop watching Lifetime movies, this plan never works to your advantage.  I’ve never seen it work.  I guess she will be saving money upfront, but once a settlement is made won’t she be shooting herself in the foot later.  Wouldn’t you want the best attorneys possible in such a high-profile case?  I thought she was smarter than that.  Paul, it looks like you can’t win.  Not only is she a gold digger, but she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.  I suppose, once she doesn’t get the divorce settlement that she expects, she cry foul because she didn’t have a proper lawyer.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Heather Mills, the estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, has taken the unusual step of representing herself in the divorce battle with the former Beatle.

Ms Mills dispensed with barristers for an appearance at the High Court last week and on Wednesday during applications to keep Sir Paul out of her home and to gain access to his.

It is believed that Ms Mills, who has retained the services of London law firm Mishcon de Reya in the main divorce battle over money and custody of three-year-old daughter Beatrice, is trying to keep her legal costs down. Barristers can charge upwards of £15,000 a day.

Her final legal bill could already top £1 million, although she is likely to receive at least £20 million and as much as £100 million. Sir Paul has an estimated £825 million fortune.

When Ms Mills brought her own action in the High Court last week she was photographed clutching an A4 note pad containing scribbled notes. The notes formed the basis of her speech and were headed: “I’m seeking an order for occupation of the matrimonial home. The decision on her application to have Sir Paul, 64, kept out of her home in Hove, East Sussex, is expected soon.

The case is being heard by Mrs Justice Baron, one of the most eminent law judges in the country. Ms Mills is being advised on most aspects of the case by Anthony Julius, who handled the divorce of Diana, Princess of Wales.

A source close to Ms Mills said last night: “In certain aspects of this matter Heather has dispensed with barristers and has been representing herself.

“She has been working very closely with her law firm but felt that she could manage without recourse to barristers. She is conscious of legal bills.”

Sir Paul, 64, and his wife announced in May that they were to end their four-year marriage.

Ms Mills recently said she would rather have had all her limbs cut off than face the criticism she got for her relationship with the ex-Beatle.

Source: Times UK Online


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  1. I can’t help wondering if Mishcon de Reya just might have ‘fired” Ms. Heather. If he/they found out that she’d deliberately leaked the pages accusing Paul of domestic violence for instance I can quite easily imagine such a law firm firmly informing her that they would be unable to represent her further. No lawyer is going to be happy with a client who behaves the way she has, she’s undercutting anything they would have been planning to do in order to get her more money or custody or whatever the heck it is she wants.

    Her “can’t afford it” schitk simply isn’t valid except in terms of the law firm reacting to how she’s been messing their case up. They probably asked her to pay her bill to date which would no doubt make her crash out in a nasty temper.

    Miss Marple

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