John we miss you.

John Lennon at Paul MaCartney's House I hate to commemorate today.  I must admit, but I can’t just not post anything.  John, I can’t even begin to explain what a loss we feel today.  Here’s a few of my favorite video clips to celebrate your life, legacy, and music.  The world is an emptier place.  We truly miss you Johnny.  Today we celebrate you.

No news, just videos today. Go listen to your albums and remember.

I remember the first time I encountered you and The Beatles.  I was 12 years old when I consciously remember participating in the music of The Beatles.  My mom and I were driving from Cleveland to Niagra Falls.  She was a first generation Beatles fan, I was born just a tad too late (1977).  The only music we listened to the entire way there and the entire way back was Let it Be/Abbey Road.  We sang the whole way there and back.  After that weekend I was hooked.  Since then, everytime I hear those albums, which I always put together in my mind, I choke up a little and think of my mother and that weekend.  I have you, Mr. Lennon, and The Beatles to thank for impacting my life, as a person, artist, and musician.

What are your fondest memories of John.  Comment below to share.

Here are a few of my favorite John video clips.  Nothing rare, just stuff that I enjoy.

John Lennon – Imagine

John Lennon – Stand By Me

John Lennon – Cold Turkey LIVE

The Beatles – A Day in the Life

The Beatles – Strawberry Fields

The Beatles – Help!

The Beatles – Twist and Shout


2 Responses

  1. hi, love the website! thanks for the great pics, and stories. just found this site last week!

    i printed out 2 of the best pics of john (paintings) from your site ( never saw them before & they’re great!)…and they are now hanging over my desk at work, along with my favorite john pic (new york t-shirt).

    have been listening to john all day, and elton’s ” empty garden”. am wearing my john t-shirt…this makes me feel a little better, but this day can’t be all about mourning… it’s mostly all about the wonderful, unique and rockin’ music…

    but john as a person was so special, too. the reasons are many, but along with the most obvious reasons, i always loved his no b.s. personality- just say it, and put it out there.

    strawberry fields, love, instant karma, beautiful boy (i have my own, and he’s 25 now)- these songs are forever songs…i like to think that somewhere far in the future, on some distant planet, someone will be listening to these songs- and groovin’.

    as long as there are living beings, john’s songs will live on…forever.

  2. i love that i can listen to any clip of john lennon, take out any sentence, and that sentence makes a worth-while quote. anything with john could stand alone as a button or what have you. he was just so honest and funny. and how i will say something, and then watch an interview to hear him say something sometimes exactly to the “t” of what i have said.
    what don’t i love about john lennon?

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