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Heather seeks occupation of home.

Heather Mills McCartneyIt looks like Paul is on for more issues with Mills.    It is so sad that amidst the Beatle-renaissance/LOVE era that Paul simply can’t enjoy all of it stress free.  It’s like he has this 4,000 pound gorilla sitting on his chest.  I hope all of this divorce madness goes away sooner than later.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Heather Mills McCartney plans to apply for access to the house she shared with her estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney, according to reports.

Mills, 38, who is divorcing the former Beatle after four years of marriage, was pictured carrying a writing pad.

“I am seeking an order for occupation of the matrimonial home,” could be clearly seen written on one page.

In August, police were called when the former model tried to gain entrance to the home in St Johns Wood, London.

Newspaper reports claimed Lady McCartney had arrived at Sir Paul’s residence with the couple’s daughter Beatrice for a scheduled visit, to find the locks had been changed.

Her security guard was believed to have scaled the wall, prompting staff inside to contact the authorities.

Fur petition

She is currently at the European Parliament in Brussels delivering a 250,000-name petition demanding a ban on the import of cat and dog fur into the EU.

“It’s a strange person who does not love a dog or a cat. There are so many items using cat and dog fur that people are unaware of. It’s just so inhumane,” she said.

She denied that by campaigning for animal rights she was just following the lead set by Sir Paul’s first wife Linda.

“It was definitely because I married my husband – nothing to do with Linda – I was sent this video of dogs and cats being skinned alive,” she told BBC News.

“I purposely didn’t get involved with animals so I would not step on anyone’s toes,” she said.

“But then I wasn’t allowed to get involved with fashion, I wasn’t allowed to get involved with photography, I wasn’t allowed to get involved in music.”

She would not say who stopped her, but added: “Now I’m free, I can do whatever I wish.”

‘Damaging claims’

Last month, the Daily Mail published allegations that Sir Paul had abused his wife and used illegal drugs, which the newspaper said were contained in court papers filed on Lady McCartney’s behalf.

She has refused to comment on those claims and Sir Paul issued a statement through his lawyers stating he planned to “vigorously” contest the allegations.

Lady McCartney has also announced plans to sue two newspapers over “false, damaging and immensely upsetting” claims surrounding the divorce.

The couple first announced plans to split in May.

Source: BBC


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