George Harrison guitar auctions for a mint.

I keep telling my wife that I wish we had more financial freedom for the little things.  You know, some extra cash to splurge on an extra frame for soemething, or simply something a little extra to treat ourselves.  She knows that I secretly drool over rock memorabilia.  It is my pornography, and I have a nice collection, albeit a small one.  It is mine and I love it.  Each piece has meaning to me.  Although, a Beatle guitar would look awesome on the living room wall.  We’ll call it an investment for the future….

Here’s what we’ve read.

A guitar played by George Harrison at the height of his Beatles career sold yesterday at a music auction for a massive £115, 000.

Harrison played his Maston MS-500 Mastersound guitar in 1963, just as Beatle-mania was starting.

The guitar had been expected to fetch at least £100,000 at the sale yesterday at Cooper Owen’s Music Legends sale, taking place five years after the Beatle’s death.

Other items for sale yesterday included a very rare fully signed Sgt. Pepper Gatefold sleeve and items of Lennon’s clothing.

See the new issue of Uncut, on sale next Tuesday. It’s a Beatles special! Featuring Johnny Marr on George, as well as Noel and Liam Gallagher on John,m Brian Wilson on Paul, and Dave Grohl on Ringo.

Source: UNCUT


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