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AUDIO: Sean Lennon talks great albums.

If any of you loyal readers, although I know most of you are Beatle-fans, haven’t heard Sean Lennon’s latest album simply go to the store  and pick it up.  It is a pop/rock delight.  It sounds a lot like Elliott Smith.  It is the most Beatlesque album that any of the beatle offspring have put out.  It is very lush and a great pop record.  I highly recommend adding it to your stocking stuffer list. 

It does appear that Sean has been doing the interview/press circuit for his latest LP, and there is a lovely audio interview where he talks about some great albums among other things. 

Here’s what we’ve read and heard.

Sean Lennon discusses his complex relationship with The Beatles, the elbow as an erogenous zone, and some fantastic albums.

Podcast Download MP3 interview.

The Beach Boys – Friends (1968)
“Mike Love is a d***…I do not like that he made Brian Wilson feel bad for writing ‘Good Vibrations’…a [song] about vegetables vibrating.”
Yoko Ono – Plastic Ono Band (1970)
“I think what is amazing is that my mom had never made a record or written a song…[Plastic Ono Band] is completely punk rock, funky and just so out there.”

Brian Eno – Ambient 1: Music for Airports (1978)
Ambient: Music for Airports is so musical, yes it is experimental, yes it is atonal at times, but to me…it’s beautiful and nice to listen to.”

Blonde Redhead – Melody of Certain Damaged (2000)
“I am really unhip….this record makes me feel kind of cool to listen to, like I am hip…like I am in-touch because it is the hippest sounding record around.”

Os Mutantes – Technicolor (2000)
“I love this record – it is their English speaking record and it is kind of overlooked, but I guess they are overlooked in America.”

Source: MP3.com


One Response

  1. I agree with Sean. Music for Airports is fantastic. Way better than Music for Films.

    I’m also having trouble not developing a crush in a second-generation alt/pop celebrity who looks like Jim Belushi and sounds like Elliott Smith. So, so much talent.

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