George we miss you.

It was 5 years ago today that the world lost George Harrison, the Quiet Beatle.  Today, think of George and help to celebrate his life, his spirituality that changed us, and his art that inspires us all. 

George we miss you. 

Leave your favorite memories of George in the comments if you’d like.


6 Responses

  1. I was not a huge Beatles fan 5 years ago when he left us. I don’t remember that day, the news…
    But today i remember him and miss him dearly. Not just because of his music, but for the person he was. A great man indeed. A man with a kind of personality that the world lacks today.
    I don’t have any great memories of George, but i believe today is going to be in my mind forever as the first day I paid tribute to him, the first day I cried for him.

    Rest in peace dear George!

  2. As a tribute to the “Quiet One” I will softly play George’s music all day. If you chose to do the same, dig deep into his work-you will be rewarded.

    Bless you, George

  3. I just watched the movie “Hard Days Night”, just the other night. His voice and charm will always be in my mind. Hara Krishna!!

  4. You captured my heart as a child of three in February, 1964 and never let go. Your faith, art, talent, compassion, sincerity was a benefit not only to rock & roll, but to humanity….and you did it all without a load of grandstanding & self-aggrandizing. How many people, for instance, know that, even now, your Material World Charity continues to benefit children the world over through UNICEF? I know you are at peace and at one with the Divine Power you sought so diligently in life and tried to share with others.
    Thank you, George.
    Hare Krishna!

  5. George,
    I know that i am only 13, and most kids my age are listening to newer things, i love the beatles and i love you. you are like me, the quiet one. Rest in peace george, rest in peace

  6. im only 12 but the beatles are my fav. band in the word! I always thought George was an awsome beatle, but when i started listening to his solo stuff, i really liked it. All things Must Pass is one of my favorite songs.

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