Paul McCartney is winning hearts of the public.

It’s so funny that as Beatle fans we were always forced to pick sides.  Which is your favorite…the cute Beatle, the smart Beatle, the quiet Beatle and on and on.  I have picked sides here, but they ahve never if rarely fallen from favor.  It seems to me that to some people, Sir Paul has fallen from his pedestal in public opinions.  I personally don’t think that is true, but it looks like he is gaining ground again and beating out soon to be ex-Mrs. McCartney in the poll of public opinion.  He’s never fallen in my mind.  He’s always been a class act to me.

Here’s what we’ve read.

She has been busy telling the world that the groundswell of public support for her during her split from Paul McCartney has been so intense that strangers just come up and hug her in the street.

Yet so far the photographers more or less tailing Heather Mills’s every move are yet to capture such a scene.

However, as Sir Paul met his fans for the first time since the May break-up yesterday, it became immediately obvious he is still held very dearly in the public’s heart.

More than a thousand devotees of the 64-year-old former Beatle turned up to wish him well at a record signing yesterday.

Braving drizzle and the biting cold some fans had waited for up to three days camping on the pavement demonstrating their love for their hero.

Danny Jones, 45, from Anfield was one of the first in the queue to see Sir Paul – and said the star was putting on a brave face about his marital woes. Mr Jones, who came to get his copies of Sir Paul’s classical album Ecce Cor Meum [Behold My Heart] and his DVD The Space Within Us signed said the former Beatle put on a brave face about his marriage.

“I asked him about his marriage and he said: ‘I’m fine,” said Mr Jones, a singer in a Beatles tribute band.

Such is Mr Jones’ love of the Fab Four that he has named his four-year-old son Jordan Daniel Thomas John Lennon James Paul McCartney George Harrison Ringo Starr Patrick Jones after the Beatles.

He said: “I’ve always idolised Paul all my life. I named my son after the Beatles.”

Mr Jones, who arrived at 1.30pm on Monday, who also came to show Sir Paul his son’s birth certificate had little time for Heather.

“She’s a gold digger basically. She should lay off him, and think of the baby.”

He brought with him camping equipment and a sleeping bag, and fried sausages on a camping stove on the pavement to keep himself going through the chilly nights.

At the front of the queue was Joaquin Baltrons, a 40-year-old bank worker from Lloret de Mar, Spain, who flew to London especially for today’s event.

Mr Baltrons queued since 9.30am on Monday morning to wait for his hero.

“I am his number one Spanish fan. I’ve seen him at 25 concerts. ‘I’ve been here for more than 51 hours but it’s definitely worth it. This is the seventh time I will have met him.”

Mr Baltron presented Sir Paul with a book filled with pictures the fan had taken over the years.

“I’ve followed him since he was in the Beatles and ever since he left; he was always my favourite.”

One fan told how meeting Paul was the most important moment in his life.

Clutching his signed CD and DVD to his heart, Clifford Price, 27, a sound engineer, said: “I’ll put this in my coffin when I die.”

Gemma Kelly, 23, originally from Sydney but now working in Edinburgh said: “I’ve been obsessed with the Beatles, so I took a couple of days off work to camp out on the street.”

Referring to Heather McCartney claiming that fans hugged her, she said: “I love Paul and I think Heather is a bitch. I can’t believe she claims people hug her in the street.”

Madeleine Carswell, 22, an IT worker, came from Jersey to see the star and had queued 19 hours overnight to see Sir Paul.

She said: “I’ve been a massive Beatles fan all my life. I thanked him for everything he’s given us over the years.”

Sir Paul, who entered via side entrance to the Virgin Megastore at Picadilly Circus in central London, wearing jeans, a white shirt and tie and dark jacket, smiled but refused to answer questions to waiting reporters as he entered the store.

Fans were limited to one copy of the £13.99 CD and £17.99 DVD. One fan said that he expected that the signed discs would soon be on E-Bay and would be selling for around £500.

Melissa Chavez, 20, a student from Texas studying in London said: “It was absolutely amazing to meet him, well worth the wait. I told him he was incredible and he told me that he wasn’t and I shouldn’t say things like that.”

Referring to the Beatles song I Am The Walrus, she added: “I also asked him who the Walrus was and he said sometimes it was him and sometimes it was John, depending on how they felt.”

Shiho Obika, 25, from Tokyo, Japan, had flown to London specially to meet her idol.

She said: “I’ve only ever seen him in concert before. It was absolutely amazing to meet him in person. I’ve dreamed about it for so long.”

Source: UK Daily Mail


3 Responses

  1. Hello! You are all so blessed to have gotten autographed CD,s and DVD,s,let alone met with Sir Paul!!! It’s wonderful of you all to have shared your experiences with fans like me who had no way of being able to be there,Thank You!!!

  2. Me Again!! Just wanted to add that Sir Paul has always had my support and my heart.He was my favorite Beatle from the beginning,and still is.The others “grew” on me in their own way,but it’s been Sir Paul all along.He certainly has my admiration for his strength through this nasty divorce,and I pray he has peace soon.

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