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POLL: What would you like to see in 2007?

I know that the ink isn’t even dry on the fresh pressing of LOVE on CD that you all bought, but as Beatle fans we are always looking for those officially released items yet to come.  We’d love to hear what everyone thinks will be coming in the future, officially, from the Fab Four. I mean in addition to the remastered catalog, which we should see in 2007…We hope.

Aside from the UK catalog/album remasters, What do you think Apple/The Beatles will release in 2007? 

  • Let it Be – DVD
  • Hollywood Bowl – DVD/CD (all performances)
  • Shea Stadium – CD/DVD
  • Sgt. Pepper Boxed Set – CD/DVD
  • Capitol Albums Vol. 3
  • Christmas Singles Album Collection – CD
  • “Heavy” Compilation – CD
  • Cirque De Soleil LOVE performance – DVD
  • Promo/Singles collection – DVD
  • Extended album collection with outtakes, live tracks, etc.- CD
  • Digital download “exclusive” singles (e.g. outakes, live)
  • Magical Mystery Tour – DVD

If there is anything you would like to add to this poll, send us a comment and let us know what we are missing.  Otherwise, please comment, we’d love to hear your speculations and wishlists . ENJOY!  Our vote goes out for the Let it Be DVD.


10 Responses

  1. I really want a set of remasters…….in 5.1, but out of that list a Sgt. Pepper Boxed Set – CD/DVD,Extended album collection with outtakes, live tracks, etc.- CD would interest me most. Would love to have Let it Be on DVD as well.

    I dont know how any live Beatle releases would be……..what with all the screaming..but you never know what they can do with modern technology. Perhaps they could do an audio version of the rooftop concert?

    I just hope to see something come in 2007. The release of the Beatles filmography and discography has been slow and poor.


  3. “They” just don’t seem to have enought time to finish the Let It Be DVD, they’ve only had about 35 years…give me a break. But it still tops my wish list. Second is a box set of Sgt Pepper, including stereo, mono and 5.1, outtakes and the feature The Making of Sgt Pepper with additional footage from the Abbey Road party when they recorded A Day In the Life (bits were shown on Anthology).

    A Note to the marketing types out there at EMI: I am a core fan (15 years old when I saw them on Ed Sullivan) and our ranks are thinning. I troll daily for bits and pieces of Beatle suff on the web and still get a thrill when I find something I do not have. We WILL buy whatever you put out there, so please please us!

    If you don’t already have it, get Love now!


  4. I would like to see the films Help! and Magical Mystery Tour released officially on DVD, and it would be great to see a completed Let It Be aswell. Apart from that, I’d like to see digitally remastered albums produced by Giles Martin who I think did a fantastic job with his legendary dad George on the Love project.

    How about a DVD of all the music promos they did like Paperback Writer/Rain, Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane and others. Those would surely be priceless. Finally, a DVD boxset of the Hollywood Bowl/Shea Stadium/Candlestick Park gigs would also be great.

  5. The remastered UK set of course…. I really, really want Help! on DVD. WTH is taking so long here.

  6. 1-I would like to see the Capitol Albums vol.3 containing
    Yesteday & Today,Revolver,Magical Mystery Tour
    and Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.
    It would be great if MMT & SPLHCB came with the original gatefolds
    and booklets,or even if MMT & SPLHCB came with everything
    exacly like the UK Cd version of SPLHCB.
    2-The complete Let it be DVD,the complete Shea Stadim DVD
    and the Complete Hollywood Bowl CD/DVDsounds good to me too.

  7. Know it’s not a legimate poll choice, but dig it….

    I’d like to see someone get jiggy and dust off the Harry Nilsson / Ringo Starr film “Son Of Dracula” and release it on DVD, with the CD as a companion. Been a long time I’ve rocked out with Count Down and Merlin!


  8. I would see George’s concert at Royal Albert Hall in 1992. I am not sure if it was videoed. I have found some audios of it and man George sounded great.

  9. 1. Let It Be dvd, with full rooftop concert.

  10. 1. Let It Be dvd, with full rooftop concert footage & cd of the full concert.
    2. Remastered catalogue, with outtakes.
    3. The Christmas Greeting messages, all on one cd.
    4. The Sullivan Show concerts on cd.
    5. The live Tokyo concerts on DVD/CD.
    6. Shea Stadium dvd (since music was dubbed and added to, no cd).
    7. “Help” film on dvd with remastered sound.
    8. “Hollywood Bowl” cd.

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