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John and Yoko art space recreated.

You know if I had a museum dedicated to The Beatles and their history, I would create something like this.  Different Yoko Onorecreations, interactive exhibits where you could re-experience the actually environs of the places that the Fabs had lived and experienced themselves.  This is too cool, and it’s especially authentic with Yoko herself exhibiting at the gallery again.  In the picture, though, doesn’t it look like a wax figure?

Here’s what we’ve read. 

Open between 1965 and 1967, the Mayfair gallery was backed by Sir Paul McCartney and run by John Dunbar, then married to Marianne Faithfull.

Lennon met Ono there in November 1966, at an exhibition of her work.

The influential space is being revived at Riflemaker, a Soho gallery opened on the site of a former gun shop.

Wrapping paper

Work by artists who showed at the gallery in the Sixties, including Ono, Julio Le Parc and Mark Boyle, will be on display at the Riflemaker Becomes Indica exhibition.

Creations by contemporary artists such as Conrad Shawcross and Jaime Gili will also be featured.

McCartney was heavily involved in the gallery’s original opening, designing its wrapping paper and even helping out on its construction.

Jane Asher, McCartney’s then girlfriend, donated an old-fashioned till for use on the premises, while a teenage Marc Bolan painted the walls.

Other visitors included film director Roman Polanski, author William S Burroughs and American ‘beat poet’ Allen Ginsberg.

Source: BBC


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