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Yoko Ono album details revealed.

It looks like the fine indie rock crowd is finally coming around to celebrate what most of us (OK some of us) enjoys as an interesting, if not astounding, body of musical work.  Yoko Ono herself is getting the compilation/covers record treatment by some hefty artists on the indie rock scene, and in our opinion it is long overdue. 

It looks to be interesting.  It also looks like her dance remixes will be coming out later next year as well in a single album compilation.  Good news on the Yoko front.  Hopefully we get some new tunes of the dragon lady herself.

Here’s what we’ve read.

An album of Yoko Ono songs reworked by artists including Peaches, Cat Power and The Flaming Lips will hit store shelves early next year.

Yes, I’m A Witch (which is also the name of an Ono song) features artists selected by John Lennon’s widow to interpret tunes from her catalogue. They were provided with the vocals or instrumental elements from the songs and then told to come up with new tracks.

Ono has released 10 studio albums, beginning with her 1970 self-titled effort with the Plastic Ono Band. Her most recent effort was 2001’s Blueprint For A Sunrise.

Astralwerks will follow Yes, I’m A Witch’s February release with a compilation of Ono dance remixes in March.

Here are the songs on Yes, I’m A Witch:

  • Hank Shocklee — “Witch Shocktronica Intro”
  • Peaches — “Kiss Kiss Kiss”
  • Shitake Monkey — “O’Oh”
  • Blow Up — “Everyman…Everywoman”
  • Le Tigre — “Sisters O Sisters”
  • Porcupine Tree — “Death Of Samantha”
  • DJ Spooky — “Rising”
  • Apples In Stereo — “No One Can See Me Like You Do”
  • The Brother Brothers — “Yes, I’m A Witch”
  • Cat Power — “Revelations”
  • Polyphonic Spree — “You And I”
  • Jason Pierce — “Walking On Thin Ice”
  • Antony And Hahn Rowe — “Toy Boat”
  • The Flaming Lips — “Cambridge 1969/2007”
  • The Sleepy Jackson — “I’m Moving On”
  • Hank Shocklee — “Witch Shocktronica Outro”
  • Craig Armstrong — “Shiranakatta (I Didn’t Know)”

Source: Chartattack
You can read a little longer description at Pitchfork too.


3 Responses

  1. This is GREAT NEWS. Long over-due. Gooooo Yoooooo ko!!!!

  2. Hi Folks
    wanna buy a beatle?

  3. fab beatle paintings and graphics by fab Liverpool artist – me!!!

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