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VIDEO: John Lennon interview 1980.

I have seen lots of video of John Lennon, yet I hadn’t seen this 1980 clip before.  It is an in studio interview given during the Double Fantasy sessions.  Could it be video taken during the 1980 David Sheff Playboy interviews?

John Lennon – 1980 Interview clip

If any of you have any more information about this interview clip, please let us know.  We’d be greatly interested.


10 Responses

  1. First off… where in the world did you get this? I bawled the entire time watching it. This is a very important video. This has to be within the time if not a month earlier of ‘the day’. I think very soon within that time. Please let me know. This was important for me to watch. I was shook up.

  2. This video was taken by Bob Gruen…the “star wars” type background noises are from Yoko Ono’s Beautiful Boys…

    I wish I had the 1st generation copy.

  3. Hi,

    Just to shed some light on this, I thought I should write in.
    I do not believe this footage is anywhere near December 1980. The reason is that sound effects for Star Wars Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back is being mixed in the background. As you must all know, a major special effects movie is very complicated to make, and after all the effects shots are completed, the last phase is to assemble the sound effects and mix them.
    The Empire Strikes Back saw its theatricalk release on May 21, 1980, so this mixing session certainly took place prior to this.
    Whilst I find this clip fascinating, I remeber my brother telling me years ago that John Lennon was present at the mixing sessions for The Empire Strikes Back and was afforded a sneak peak. This fact is known to many Star Wars geeks, and I also believe that there was a John Lennon book which chronicled every known recording of his career that may have verified the existence of this clip. I am delighted to see it, but I am baffled to find that so many people were not aware of it because there has been information, albeit scarce circulating about his presence in a recording studio during the mixing of the Empire Strikes Back.
    I think this footage is either late April or early May (major movies are sometimes mixing right before the release date). Whilst some may speculate that this footage of Lennon in a recording studio has something to do with the Double Fantasy/Milk and Honey sessions, you may be correct, but perhaps John was invited for the mixing session to catch an early screening of the film. He may have also been scouting studios or just hanging out. I am not sure of the exact timeline, but I thought John and Yoko started recording Double Fantasy in August 1980. If this is the case, then his appearance in a recording studio prior to that date could only be explained by my theory of informal scouting sessions or maybe this was when he was still rehearsing. The interviewer may have been there by coincidence, but it is not especially significant. Although John was in semi retirement, even in those years he made the occasional press comment, and did not seem to have a specific aversion to speaking to the media.
    I am not sure if my comment here is helpful, but I feel it is necessary to remind fans that whenever this took place, it was surely before the release of the film that was being mixed, which pretty much rules out late 1980.

  4. It’s October 1980 as lennon fans know. Thanks for the background info though. We know because john had long hair and was bearded for a time in 1980, his hair suits the double fantasy promo shots, it all fits.

  5. Can someone transfer this to dvd?

  6. It is from october,he talks about the message in the sky for his birthday,so it is from past oct.8 1980 this was on youtube in 3 parts-now you can only view 1 part. I wonder if someone can clean it up and lighten it a bit and transfer to dvd?

  7. If it is the same footage that I have, then they are actually sound clips from Star Wars (later called A New Hope) that are running in the background, not sound clips from Empire Strikes Back. Lines from the film can be distinctly heard throughout the video.

  8. Sorry, should have mentioned that I can’t check to see if it’s the same footage that I have because the clip seems to have been taken down. I can’t imagine that there would be too many clips of Lennon in the studio with Star Wars in the background though:-)

  9. where is the video footage that Yoko and John had of their rehearsals by a professional video crew. I read and saw video crews shooting them in various pics but this footage here isn’t any of that.

    Does anyone know if that footage was destroyed or sitting in a vault?


  10. Ha ha. You expect people on here to know? That footage has most likely been destroyed since John did not like the way it turned out. Audio does exist from the shoot however. There was a clip of Yoko from the same film shoot that appeared on a Japanese TV station a long time ago, so some believe the footage still exists under lock and key. If it is anywhere, it is with Yoko, and it is hard to know exactly what was kept. Perhaps John destroyed clips in which he was featured? If it does see light of day, it would be great to view. Te band did sound cool on the recording but unfortunately there were too many fluffed lines and most of the songs were not performed in entirety. I do, however, think, if it existed, Yoko would have authorised it’s release by now, especially since there is so little footage of Lennon from that era…

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