Fifth Beatle inducted into UK Music Hall of Fame.

In my opinion there are only two people who even come close to the title of true “fifth Beatle.”  Those two people would be George Martin and Brian Epstein.  Without these two people I’m not sure if the Beatles would be as nearly as successful as they have been.  In my mind I think GM edges out BE and gets top billing as the true fifth Beatle only because, I mean afterall, it was all about the music when it all boils down.  Right? 

It’s nice to see Sir George get credit where credit is due, and it long overdue.  Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir George Martin (r) with Gordon BrownSir George Martin, the producer and composer who is often referred to as “the fifth Beatle”, has been inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.

He signed the group in 1962 and worked on almost all of their records.

Acts including Corinne Bailey Rae and Queen’s Roger Taylor performed Beatles tracks at a ceremony in London’s Alexandra Palace.

Chancellor Gordon Brown was booed by some of the audience when he made an appearance to present the award.

Mr Brown said: “George Martin is the most amazing man and I’m proud to be able to present him this evening.

“In 1962, even after every major producer rejected The Beatles and one producer said guitar groups had no future, George Martin made The Beatles the most successful group in history.”

‘Very lucky’

On receiving his award, Sir George, 80, told the audience: “I never realised I was as good as all that. I’m not to be honest, this is hyperbole.

“I think the reason I am here today is I have been a very lucky man and I have worked with the greatest people in showbusiness, performers and writers.”It rubs off working with people like that, it makes all the difference in the world.”

Razorlight singer Johnny Borrell and Queen drummer Roger Taylor and were involved in performing several Beatles tracks along with a 31-piece orchestra and 20-piece London community gospel choir, which was conducted by Sir George.

Prince, James Brown, Brian Wilson and Bon Jovi also played at the ceremony and were inducted.

Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart and Dusty Springfield completed the list of stars who joined the hall, which was established in 2004.

Jimmy Page collected Led Zeppelin’s award, with a tribute to Stewart from chart-topper James Morrison.

Panel of judges

And soul stars Joss Stone and Patti LaBelle performed two of Springfield’s greatest hits.

The artists for the hall – which is a concept rather than being housed in an actual building – are chosen by a panel of 60 people.These include performers, record industry executives, broadcasters and journalists.

The Rolling Stones, Madonna and Bob Dylan are among those who have been inducted already, as well as the Beatles.

In addition to his career with the Fab Four, Sir George also brought comedy names including Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore into recording studios.

He recorded top jazz acts such as Cleo Laine and Stan Getz and worked with the Bee Gees, Dire Straits and Ultravox, among others.

Source: BBC News


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  1. Hi! Upon reading the article on “The Fifth Beatle” I agree. It could only be one of two people,and of the two,well, Sir George Martin would have to be the one. He’s being extremely modest,though….He needs to realize that you can surround yourself with the most talented artists,but in the wrong hands,their true potential could be minimized to the point of becoming totally lost or “messed up”. I keep picturing the T-shirt that Stella McCartney wore in a photo,after her famous father received a similar honor. I cannot mention here what it said on the front, but it started with the words….”It’s about………………time!”

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