Beatles trivia: Lucy in the ground with bones.

My wife and I were sitting around last night and she was debriefing me on her day.  She’s a student, you see, and is taking this anthropology course which she loves.  (NOTE: Please insert sarcasm firmly there.)  I have to give you a little background here.  I always amidst anything playing on the radio, or conversations with friends, always, ALWAYS, interject them with music trivia; often to the annoyance of my wife and certain friends.

Last night she gave me the greatest bit of Beatle trivia, which I had not heard.  In her anthropology course they are studying the discover of Lucy, you know, the skeleton find in Ehtiopia.  It is the largest and oldest single skeleton find of hominid life of its kind.


My wife asked me if I knew how she got her name, because someone had asked how Lucy got her name.  I did not know.  Of course it had a Beatle connection.

Here’s a summary of what she told me. Later in the night of November 24th, there was much celebration and excitement over the discovery of what looked like a fairly complete hominid skeleton. There was drinking, dancing, and singing; the Beatles’ song “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” was playing over and over. At some point during that night no one remembers when or by whom the skeleton was given the name “Lucy.” The name has stuck.

I guess The Beatles really are Beatle fans that reach all walks (no pun intended with the Lucy skeleton thing) of life. 

Could Lucy and her bones be the oldest form of Beatles’ ephemera?


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