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Devoted fans line up to meet Macca in NYC.

Unfortunately, my borther was unable to line-up with the rest for the two day wait for some.  He’s a busy guy and I understand.  Maybe his next stop will be Cleveland, although somehow I doubt it.  It does look like he will do a signing appearance next in the UK.  But first let us recap the Virgin Megastore appearance.

Here’s what we’ve seen and read.

Sir Paul McCartney was all smiles when he met adoring fans in New York.

The former Beatle took a break from his bitter divorce from estranged wife Heather to sign copies of his classical composition Ecce Cor Meum (Behold My Heart).

His most devoted followers queued for two days outside the Virgin Megastore in Times Square for the chance to meet their idol.

Many gripped his hands as he spoke to them and emerged in tears, overwhelmed with emotion.

Afterwards they said they had avoided asking the star about the breakdown of his marriage.

New Yorker Susan Roazzi said: “I told him that we believe in his goodness and wish he and his family peace.

“He said ‘Thank you very much’. He seemed very warm and responsive.”

Mrs Roazzi said she was saddened by what had happened.

Sir Paul and his wife were catapulted into the headlines when divorce papers claiming he mistreated her were leaked to the media.

Through his lawyers, the pop star said he would “vigorously” defend himself against the accusations.

Source: Yahoo UK

Many more pictures under the cut.


2 Responses

  1. Hats off to Paul for meeting with the fans…. however Virgin should be ashamed of themselves for not planning the event appropriately. Many people after buying the required cd or dvd to get it signed by Paul, waited for over 8hrs standing on their feet without meeting Paul or getting his signature. They fraudulently sold Pauls new cd and dvd promising a signed product. They sent home over 150 dissapointed customers without meeting Paul. It has been a long time since I seen a grown man cry from dissapointment…..

  2. I’m so glad that Sir Paul decided to do the CD/DVD signing.The best cure for one’s soul is to get out and do things,no matter how difficult it is at first.I live in the midwest,so I was not at the signing,nor knew anyone in New York that might’ve helped with me attaining a signed copy of either.I sit here and am jealous of the fans that could attain such a wonderful thing.And to actually see him and meet him,well,let’s just say,I’m making a very firm “boo-boo”face.(a puddle of tears face).It’s too bad that the previous entry,”Sam”,did not have a positive experience.Sound to me as if Virgin may have underestimated the event,but let’s feel good for Sir Paul!!

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