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VIDEO: Macca makes cameo on SNL.

I did not stay up to watch Saturday Night Live over the weekend, but I did catch this clip on the web.  Funny stuff, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin should do more work together.  Alec Baldwin really does look surprised when Paul comes into the room!  We all knew that Macca was in NYC, but I didn’t expect to see him on SNL either.

Here are some screencaps we found.

Look for Paul’s appearance towards the end of the clip titled Platinum Lounge.

We’ve also found a montage of clips from 1993 of Alec Baldwin and Sir Paul rehearsing on SNL.

These are a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of those 10-second promo spots for Saturday Night Live. McCartney and Baldwin go through several takes of each spot as Lorne Michaels guides the process. Some amusing moments.  Look for Sir Paul’s eye rolling…tedious but funny.


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