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Smithereens pay homage to “Meet the Beatles.”

I’m not the biggest fan of Beatle tribute albums, but this one does pique my interest a little.  I look forward to hearing the harmonies in all of their grandeur.  I think  that The Smithereens of all people can do this album justice, and too it seems like they had loads of fun with it.  It seems to be a  tongue in cheek kind of affair. 

KOCH Records announces the release of Meet The Smithereens!, the new album by New Jersey’s The Smithereens on January 20th, 2007. Paying homage to The Beatles’ groundbreaking album, Meet The Beatles!, the Smithereens have rerecorded the album in its entirety, and the result is a fun and nostalgic trip through 12 classic songs done Smithereens style. The CD also features liner notes by legendary promoter Sid Bernstein, musician (and some would say musicologist) Lenny Kaye, Beatles historians Bruce Spizer, Dennis Mitchell and Andy Babiuk, author of the fantastic book, Beatles Gear.

Having released 7 albums—and reaching Gold and Platinum status along the way—during their career, the Smithereens spawned several Top 40 radio hits, including, “A Girl Like You,” “Too Much Passion,” “Blood and Roses” and more.

The Smithereens return with an affectionate tribute to one of their favorite bands, The Beatles. Meet The Beatles! influenced not only their musical style, but arguably influenced the style of every rock band since the album’s initial release in January of 1964.

Meet The Beatles! was the Fab Four’s second album, but their first official U.S. release. But unlike its British counterpart With The Beatles!, which was comprised mostly of cover songs, Meet the Beatles! featured songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and proved to be mind-shattering to music fans in an age in which artists rarely wrote their own material.

Smithereens drummer Dennis Diken says, “Meet the Beatles! was a call to arms to an army of musically-inclined kids across the nation. There was no turning back after hearing this LP and seeing the Beatles on the “Ed Sullivan Show.” We were instantly hipped to the fact that there can never be anything cooler than playing in a rock n roll band.”

The tracklisting:
1. I Want to Hold Your Hand
2. I Saw Her Standing There
3. This Boy
4. It Won’t Be Long
5. All I’ve Got To Do
6. All My Lovin’
7. Don’t Bother Me
8. Little Child
9. ‘Till There Was You
10. Hold Me Tight
11. I Wanna Be Your Man
12. Not A Second Time

Source: Koch Records


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