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Paul to do in-store signing in NYC.

Here’s my predicament.  My brother recently moved to Brooklyn to teach high school.  He is a first year teacher with grades due shortly….however….  I had to ask him to take a sick day for me, so that I could live vicariously through him at the Virign Megastore this coming Monday.  Hopefully he can come through with an autograph and one hell of a story to tell.  We’ll see what happens.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney will appear in person sign copies of his new EMI Classics CD ECCE COR MEUM and his new LIVE DVD release THE SPACE WITHIN US at the New York Times Square Virgin Megastore on Monday, November 13.

Please note: Only the releases mentioned above will be signed (time permitting).

The next performance of Ecce Cor Meum takes place at Carnegie Hall in New York City, the following day on Tuesday 14th November.

Tickets available from (212) 247 7000 or online at www.carnegiehall.org.

Source: Paul McCartney.com


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