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Sean Lennon: I’d love to play The Cavern in 2008

All of us here at the blog are quite dismayed that Sean Lennon is not touring closer to the rock and roll city.  I really would love to say that I could travel to see him, but it’s not possible.  It does look like Sean himself does have some travel plans for this tour and the future.  It would be too cool to see him at The cavern though.

Hopefully  he decides to make the trek to Ohio.  Here’s what we’ve read.

Sean Lennon, the only son of John and Yoko Ono, told the ECHO he would love to play the Cavern in 2008.
He played a sell-out concert at Liverpool university’s Stanley Theatre at the weekend, and said he will “get back”.
Huge queues built up at 7pm on Saturday even though the show, with support, didn’t start until after 9.30pm.

Sean took time off after the sound-check to talk to fans waiting outside saying he was going to “have some tea”.
T- shirts at £15 were on sale bearing line drawings of Sean in the same style as his father. Postcards of Sean were given away free as were lapel badges.
Sean was made world famous by John in his song Beautiful Boy in which he called him Darling Sean.
Fans from across the country came to see him. Many had Lennon solo albums and Beatle CDs for him to sign and he spent an hour after the concert posing for photographs and chatting to his fans.
When the ECHO asked if he would play a Beatle song on his next visit, he said: “I guess I’ll think about it. I write my own. But I will be back.”
And would he play the Cavern? “Are they still gigging there? “Yeah, if I am invited. I believe Liverpool is Capital of Culture in 08, now that would be great.”
So did the famous son of one of Liverpool’s most famous sons enjoy his visit to the city?
Sporting a pork-pie hat and winter overcoat, while stepping into a tour mini-bus, he smiled a Lennon-esque smile.
“Yeah, playing my father’s home town was really, really . . . nice.”

THIS was one of those shows that you didn’t know how it was going to pan out.
Sean Lennon, an offspring of a man we have named an airport after, was playing his dad’s home town. Emotional? You bet.
But his father would have been proud – this was one awesome showcase in such a small theatre and with only two albums worth of material to use.
Sean arrived on stage with his four-piece band and immediately he was not the sneering, look-a-like copy of John. 

Dressed in a smart maroon blazer and tie he was a genteel rock and roller.
Is there such a thing? Yeah, yeah and a yeah. He switched from acoustic to electric and boy can he really play.
Whereas Julian Lennon has the nasal twang of John Ono Lennon, step-brother Sean has the transatlantic twang that can’t really be pitched anywhere. But when he sings there is that studied Lennon stare into space that made hairs on so many backs of heads in the university audience stand on end.
Sean Lennon has heavy baggage, but on this showing and confident performance he is a voice and talent we won’t be able to ignore.

Source: icLiverpool


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  2. Sounds good to me – would be cool to see him play there.

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