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AUDIO: Macca’s “The Other Side of Off the Ground.”

I have found a new Beatle-bootleg blog where you can download some bootleg albums that you may not otherwise have.  There are only two posts thus far, but it does look like a promising blog.

I do not have the two McCartney boots that are posted, so they were quite enticing to me.  These boots do look like they are in mp3 format, and not lossless (if you are an audiophile), but they are great selections.  We will have to keep you posted as more great boots come up on this one.

Here’s their latest post:

An excellent collection of singles and b-sides from Off The Ground. Bonus: the 2001 Concert for New York set.

Look for the download link and tracklist after the cut.

01. Off The Ground (7″ Single Mix)
02. Big Boys Bickering (B-side Of “Hope Of Deliverance”)
03. Long Leather Coat (B-side Of “Hope Of Deliverance”)
04. Kicked Around No More (B-side Of “Hope Of Deliverance”)
05. I Can’t Imagine (B-side Of “C’mon People”)
06. Keep Coming Back To Love (B-side Of “C’mon People”)
07. Down To The River (B-side Of “C’mon People”)
08. Midnight Special (B-side Of “Biker Like An Icon”). Recorded (but not transmitted) for MTV Unplugged
09. Things We Said Today (B-side Of “Biker Like An Icon”). Recorded (but not transmitted) for MTV Unplugged
10. Cosmically Conscious (B-side Of “Off The Ground”)
11. Style Style (B-side Of “Off The Ground”)
12. Sweet Sweet Memories (B-side Of “Off The Ground”)
13. Soggy Noodle (B-side Of “Off The Ground”)
14. Deliverance (Steve Anderson Mix)
15. I’m Down (Concert for New York)
16. Yesterday (Concert for New York)
17. Let It Be (Concert for New York)
18. Freedom (Concert for New York)

Source: Return to Pepperland Blog
(Follow the link to the blog to download the tracks.)


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  1. Good site!!!

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