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VIDEO: Who was the Fifth Monkee….Ringo?

Chalk it up to a slow Beatle news day I guess, but I say this floating around in the e-mail message boards and though it quite hillarious.  The video is taken from the video game The Sims2, and involves a certain Fab Beatle drummer and his friends, none other than, The Monkees.  Brilliant!

The Fifth Monkee


3 Responses

  1. Actually, there is also a Pizza Hut commercial on You Tube, from the 90’s. Ringo appears in it with 3 of the Monkees. I’m sure some have seen it. And a video over there on A Day In The Life is also posted….near the end of the video Mike Nesmith is seen talking to John for a brief moment. Micky Dolenz was also friends with Ringo, and also John, reportedly being around John during his “lost wknd”. You know, the Monkees were often called the pre-fab four…but the Beatles and them were friends in those days. John has been reported to say that the Monkees were like the Marx Brothers. Micky has said in interviews that John got the concept of them.

  2. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

  3. It has taken me this long to realise my video did get around…lol..!

    I adored the Beatles and noticed that the Monkees (who I also loved) would throw Darts at their poster in the show. It was all friendly rivalry so I turned the tables and made The Monkees the “Band” to be longed for. Of course Ringo being the fifth Beatle had to be the one drawn to them.

    The Beatles triumphed in the end as the “Fan” walking up the stairs in the end has an Abbey Road shirt on..!

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