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Yoko gets flack over Lennon’s school.

I for one am a nostalgic person, but progress and change are facts of life.  Buildings change, and are knocked down.  Progress happens.  It is kind of a shame that Johnny’s old school is being converted, but I do really find it strange that Yoko is backing this one.  It’s just really odd to me.  Here’s what we’ve read.

Avid ‘Beatles’ fans are furious with John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono for lending her support to the sale of the singer’s legendary old art college.

Ono recently appeared at a fundraising bash in New York for Liverpool’s John Moores University, which will use proceeds from the sale to fund a new design centre.

A University spokeswoman has confirmed that Ono was fully aware of the transaction, and that Lennon’s college is now earmarked for conversion into 28 apartments.

“Yoko was really thrilled and interested in the design academy,” Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

But ‘Beatles’ fans are hopping mad at Ono for supporting the sale of the historic building – one, where Lennon courted his first wife and fellow student Cynthia Powell. The singer had also met the original ‘Beatles’ bass player Stuart Sutcliffe at the college.

“It is surprising that Yoko is backing something that would see John’s old school turned into flats,” Nick Stanley, director of Liverpool art organisation Annexe Inc, said.

Source: Hinudstan Times


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