Macca collaborates on an R & B track.

I thought the Macca-Bennett pairing was nice, but this one comes out of left field to me.  Pretty soon we will have a McCartney duets album like Sinatra, Streisand, and other have done in the recent past. 

All kidding aside, this collaboration on Paul’s part looks like a good one.  “Bring it on Home to Me” is one of my all-time favorite songs. 

Givin' It Up

Paul McCartney makes a guest appearance on a new album by George Benson and Al Jarreau, titled Givin’ It Up, on a cover of Sam Cooke’s R&B classic “Bring It On Home To Me.” The track features Benson’s distinct guitar fills, and Jarreau paying tribute to the late Lou Rawls by “answering” McCartney soulful vocals, just as Rawls did on Cooke’s original 1962 hit recording.

Macca had previously recorded the song himself, on his 1988 rock and roll oldies album for Russian fans, called CHOBA B CCCP, which translates roughly as “Back In The U.S.S.R.” but is commonly referred to as The Russian Album. The song has frequently appeared in his pre-show soundchecks as well.

McCartney’s former songwriting partner John Lennon also recorded the song, on his 1975 covers album Rock ‘N’ Roll. Lennon’s version featured solo Beatles sideman Klaus Voormann supplying the “answering” vocals to Lennon’s lead.

McCartney recently turned up on another duets project, teaming with Tony Bennett on “The Very Thought Of You,” from the crooner’s recent album Tony Bennett Duets: An American Classic. Ironically, “The Very Thought Of You,” which McCartney and Bennett have performed live together on several occasions, was McCartney and his estranged wife Heather Mills’ favorite song.

On Saturday (October 28th), Macca and Mills spent approximately 90 minutes together while attending their daughter Beatrice’s third birthday party. This was the first time McCartney and Mills have been together since details of Mills’ divorce petition were made public, containing allegations he had physical abused her. Macca’s representatives have denied all the allegations.

Source: Rock Radio


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