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AUDIO: John and Yoko Peace Message circa 1969.

I found this post from a friend of the blog here, and it does have a nice audio interivew that the blogger found on an old bootleg LP.  We also have not posted an audio link in a really long time.

The message of John and Yoko’s audio interivew is so relevant today that it truly is scary.  Mika, thanks for sending us the link and the great audio. 

This is something that I had never heard, and it truly is a lot more interesting than the Let it Be ottakes.  Link to the AUDIO is under the cut at the bottom, the blogger’s commentary about the track is also great. 

Source: Record Robot Blog

A while ago, I did a piece about Rabbi Abraham Feinberg, who was like this old dude, who befriended John & Yoko back when they were

doing bed-ins for peace. For some reason I remembered this bootleg record which belonged to my wife before I confiscated all her records some 30 years ago. Most of the LP is the typical Let It Be outtakes, only these came out before the official release. Of course there are ridiculous amounts of hours of these sessions currently available, and much of it is uninspired. I’m ignoring all that though and focusing instead on this narrative thing staring a very talkative John Lennon & the irrepressible Yoko Ono. When I listened to it recently, it struck me as being an earnest, alternate point of view about a situation that is eerily similar to the kind of situation we find ourselves in today. They’re naive, yes, but charmingly so. So sure of themselves, even if they’re not sure what they’re sure about. Lennon, viewed as a Messiah by a large number of people, using his pulpit to full advantage, with this strange, strong woman always at his side. Go John & Yoko, go!

Here are some snippets from the track that I think would make for some dandy song titles:

That’s Your Flag
Get Your Sheets Out
Don’t Believe That Jazz
Make Your Parents Hip To That
Hype From The Old Days
A Very Big Child
That’s About It, Init?

**AUDIO: Peace Message
John & Yoko announce their “War Is Over” projects and Toronto Peace Festival on the BBC.
December 15, 1969


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  1. Ich besichtige deinen Aufstellungsort wieder bald fur sicheres!

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