“You say it’s your birthday!”

Yesterday was great!  I went to my mom’s house to celebrate my birthday, which is today.  For weeks she’s been talking about this phenomenal birthday present that she has gotten me.  You see, next year I will be the BIG 3-0, and we’re planning a trip to Vegas for it, and seeing the LOVE show.  So my mom said that she really wanted to WOW me this year.

Boy, did she ever. 

My wife and I went over for Chinese food, and while we are sitting there in the living room my mom puts a shoe box in front of me and begins to tell me a story about what’s inside.

She says that the items inside used to be at my grandmother’s house until my mom’s youngest sister moved out years back.  And she took them with her. 

Immediately, I was curious.  What is them?  What are you talking about?  What have you been talking about for months?  My wife and I were have been trying to piece it together for weeks?  What gift could my mom be raving about?

And then I opened them.

(These are not my actual bobbles that I got, but I wil post the pictures of mine as soon as I can.)

I think my jaw hit the floor when I opened them, neatly wrapped in paper towels.  Ringo even still has his wire drum sticks.  They are near mint condition.  Thank God she didn’t write her name on the bases as a kid.  They are beautiful. 

I couldn’t speak.  It is so totally cool.  I don’t own any original 60’s era Beatles’ memorabilia….until now.  The best part about them, too, is the fact that they were my mom’s as a kid.  It’s a small part of her history that I get to take part in too.  My mom is the coolest in the world.  Thank you mom, I love you! 

It has truly been a Beatle birthday, my wife even surprised me with a 2007 Beatles calendar and the new Sean Lennon album.



31 Responses

  1. That’s great! 😮 Happy birthday, though you obviously don’t need me to tell you that 😉

  2. Damn, what an amazing gift.
    I’ll take this opportunity to say that I check out this blog everyday; keep up the good work.
    Happy birthday!!!

  3. I don’t have any Beatles memorabilia, yet!! And those there are really amazing…

    And by the way…Happy Birthday!!

  4. […] can afford, and items that have nostaligia for me.  I have a complete set of Beatles’ bobblehead dolls that was my mothers, and they are simply stunning.  They are the crown jewels in my collection […]

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  6. […] and artifacts, maybe an autograph or two, but that is just a pipe dream.  I do have one prized piece of memorabilia that was given to me by my mother, but that was just […]

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  14. […] some wonderful gifts though.  Luckily enough my mother and her sisters were very careful with some precious items.  But, no, I haven’t been that lucky in my searches for Beatle memorabilia gold.  I can […]

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