Bea’s bitter birthday….

Man-o-man.  I know that there is always animosity between step-children and step-parents, but this is a little extreme.  I mean I haven’t always gotten along with my setp parents through our history, but let by gones be bygones.  I mean can’t we all really let it be, at least for Beatrice’s sake?

Here’s the shocker, that we’ve read.  (I think this is the first article about the divorce that’s really really bothered me.  It’s just all very upsetting)

The McCartney’s bitter divorce war spilled over into their daughter Beatrice’s third birthday party with venomous explosions of hatred.

Heather launched an astonishing rant at a photographer and one of Macca’s closest aides branded her a “f****** whore”.

The couple had tried to put their differences aside for their little girl as they met at a kids’ activity centre for the first time since their acrimonious split.

But while Macca put on a brave face, playing happily with his daughter, grim-faced Heather attacked the snapper.

In front of shocked parents and children she hissed: “I’m gonna get an assassin to kill you. You’re the scum of the earth.”

Just a couple of minutes later, Macca’s right-hand man John Hammell told the cameraman: “Don’t take a picture of Paul. Get a picture of that f****** whore”.

The amazing scenes took place outside the Clambers Kids’ Activity Centre in Hastings, Sussex, where Bea had played for around two hours with her little pals as her parents mingled with other mums and dads at the bash, keeping their distance from each other. The couple arrived separately, Macca with Bea, and left the centre apart.

But for just over a minute they had their first public face-to-face meeting for more than four months as Macca walked under a bridge with Bea on his shoulders while stony-faced Heather crossed it.

They exchanged a few brief nervy words before Macca strolled on to the car park to head home.

As he disappeared, Heather rounded on hapless photographer Gareth Connolly in front of parents and children who had been guests at the party.

The stunned cameraman, returning to his own car, then had his encounter with Hammell standing a few yards from where Macca and Bea were sitting in the singer’s 4X4.

McCartney did not hear what his right-hand man said.

Macca took Bea back to his Peasmarsh estate in Sussex to meet relatives and carry on with the rest of the poor tot’s not-so-happy birthday.

Source: Daily Mail


3 Responses

  1. So what does this have to do with Stella McCartney?

  2. It sounds like Heather is having trouble with the extreme noteriety all this has brought her. Paul has had almost a lifetime of cameras in his face, but she cannot handle the heat. If she thinks this will all end after the divorce, boy is she in for a shocker…

    One thing’s for sure, this Beatle fan has had enough of this soap opera.

    BTW What’s Stella got to do with it?

  3. I changed the heading. So sorry that was from a different article….I got me headlines mixed up.

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