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Macca to tour again….the rumors fly.

Woo-hoo!  It looks like Paulie will hit the road yet again in an attempt to get over his sorrows.  I cannot stress enough how fast you should all scoop up tickets.  His latest tours of duty have been nothing short of impressive.  If you get the chance do go and see Paulie and his impressive road band.  Hopefully he comes to Cleveland this time around. Here’s what we’ve read. 

Paul McCartney is rumoured to be planning a short worldwide tour at the end of 2007.

McCartney who is currently going through highly publicised divorce proceedings with his estranged wife Heather, is apparently planning to use the tour to distract himself from the messy court case.

A ‘friend’ of McCartney has been quoted in today’s Evening Standard, saying that “Paul is going on a five-month world tour at the end of next year to get over Heather. He’ll take in the USA, Australia, Japan and some of Europe as well.”

The source also points out that “it is also rather a convenient way of recouping the losses he will make in the divorce courts”.

The McCartneys famously didn’t sign a pre-nuptial agreement when they married in 2002.

The former Beatle’s last worldwide tour ended in 2004.

Meanwhile, McCartney has recorded a duet, “The Very Thought Of You”, with singer Tony Bennett for his new album “Tony Bennett: Duets/ An American Classic.”

Source: Uncut


2 Responses

  1. Hope this rumor come true…and for my sake…hope Paul stretch a little bit his agenda and come to Brazil!! Last time he came here i wasn’t the huge Beatles fan i am today…

    Amazing blog…it’s already on my bookmarks!!!

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the nice note, and I DO hope he comes to Brazil for you.

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