Sir Paul posts online contest for classical work.

The music for Sir Paul’s latest classical work is very good.  There is a buzz around for this tuly great album of work.  There is also a great online contest posted to win some cool Macca swag surrounding this album.  It’s like an online scavenger hunt, and the video clues/promos are quite cool.

I won’t post the videos here, half the fun is finding them.  (They’re not that hard to find.)  Good luck, I hope we all win!

Here’s the e-mail introduction to the contest that we got:

There are 3 exclusive “Ecce Cor Meum” clips that are appearing on various sites around the world. The 1st of these is at www.eccecormeum. com (click on the competition link) and there are 2 clips hidden on the internet.

At the end of each clips there is a password, if you find all 3 and enter your details at the website you could win 1 of these 4 special prizes.

1 x signed luxury edition of Ecce Cor Meum
1 x signed score of Ecce Cor Meum
1 x signed promotional CD
1 x Ecce Cor Meum product poster

To enter all your need to do is find all 3 clips and passwords and then enter your details at the website www.eccecormeum. com.

All of the contest information, and clues where to find the other 2 clips is viewable at the website. Please visit www.eccecormeum. com and click on the link “Competition” for more information about the contest.

Good luck!


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  1. You’re right, that was fun 🙂 The clue was really easy.

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