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I read the news today….Heather Mills posed as a journalist.

The stories surrounde her jsut keep getting more and more grandiose.  Even if these stories are fabricated, which I believe the are not….it is just twisted.   To me, if you are going to make up a story, something like this must be true.  It’s too weird to be made up.  She just seems like a mad woman, who will do anything to get ahead.

The estranged wife of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills McCartney, impersonated a successful newspaper journalist in a largely failed attempt to break into the media before she met the Beatles star, it emerged yesterday.

Investigative reporter Heather Mills, who now writes for Private Eye magazine in London, said the former model had begun posing as her in the late 1990s, when the journalist was working on The Observer.

The journalist was one of several of McCartney’s friends and associates who stepped in yesterday to defend the singer in his acrimonious divorce battle and to ridicule Ms Mills McCartney’s claims against him made in legal documents leaked to the press.

“She pretended to be me for over a year,” the journalist wrote at the weekend. “She has been accused of being a mad fantasist. Certainly posing as me for such a long time adds a new dimension to her controversial and colourful career.

“She posed as me not only to her friends but in a series of meetings with TV executives. She even showed people cuttings of stories I had written.”

At the time, Ms Mills McCartney had yet to meet the Beatle or find widespread fame and was trying to establish herself as a television presenter.

The journalist said she discovered the existence of her namesake when readers began sending letters sympathising about the loss of her leg.

“I had never heard of her and had no idea why readers would think a little-known model would also be a broadsheet newspaper correspondent. At least they made an honest mistake. Heather Mills McCartney did it deliberately.”

The claims by the journalist came as the animosity between the former Beatle and his estranged wife had been taken to a new level, with friends of Ms Mills McCartney claiming that she had told them that her husband had beaten his first wife, Linda.

Details of the divorce papers leaked last week were disputed point by point by Geoff Baker, a senior member of McCartney’s staff for 15 years.

“To brand Paul a wife-beater is the most absurd f..king claim anyone can make,” he said. “I was with them for four years when she says a lot of this took place. I never saw him lay a finger on her or abuse her. Her allegations are outrageous lies. It is pure wickedness.”

Mr Baker said the couple had seemed happy and “very much in love” during the singer’s US tour in November 2002, when it is alleged that he grabbed his wife’s neck and threw her over a coffee table. He added that none of the 198-strong entourage witnessed signs of problems between the newlyweds.

He was also astonished at the claim that McCartney had beaten Linda. “It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” he said. “Everyone knows that Paul and Linda had one of the happiest marriages in showbusiness.”

Source: The Australian


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  1. This is getting so weird. It looks like Mills is completely, utterly barking mad!

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