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Heather Mills has secret footage of Paul’s beatings???

You know these things just seem to get crazier and crazier.  I could fill posts on this blog full of different news reports of all thing-Macca divorce related if I wanted to.  Instead I like to pick and choose.  This claim just seems silly to me.  Maybe it will end up on youtube!  Heather’s 15 minutes of fame should be grinding to a halt shortly I imagine and hope. 

You know, the supposed Macca beatings, may have gone the other way around.  Here’s some of the things we’ve read.

Paul McCartney receives another blow, with claims that estranged wife Heather Mills has secretly taped footage of the former Beatle attacking her.

After McCartney described Mills as a “fantasist” last week she portrayed him in leaked court documents as a drunken wife beater. The revealation of audio tapes of their arguments is a crippling blow for the 64-year-old.

Mills friends claimed Mills, 38, is ready to back up her claims in the court documents, with the evidence described as “dynamite”.

If these audio tapes prove to be true McCartney could kiss his reputation goodbye.

Additionally it recently came to light that some of Mills’s claims in the court documents contradict her claims made in her self-help book which was released this year.

In leaked court papers Mills claims that McCartney would not allow her to leave bed in the morning until he had risen.

However, in her book Life Balance, Mills claimed she rose early to enjoy “me time”.

She wrote, “As a working wife and mother I have learnt that setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier each morning can make all the difference. “It allows me a little bit of personal space before the day begins.”

Source: Gameshout


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