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Sean Lennon’s ammo + AUDIO interview podcast.

If you are one of the fortunate ones who gets to see Sean Lennon perform live in concert, please be kind enough to get me a tour T-shirt.  I love his latest release, and so wish he were coming to my town.  For now, all I have is the opportunity to catch glimpses on TV and in interviews like these. 

Here’s what we’ve read about Sean and his latest, and lovely, album.  Check the link after the cut to listen to an interview in mp3 form.  It’s quite good. Dad would be proud.

On the one hand, it’s an automatic passport into an exclusive club of rock royalty that can, if you so choose, propel your own musical aspirations. On the other hand, you must contend with suggestions that your place at the table is indebted to the fact that you were born into it.

In the case of Sean Lennon, he’s earned his seat with “Friendly Fire,” his follow-up record to his 1998 debut “Into the Sun.”

Sure, that his father, John Lennon, happens to be one of the greatest songwriters of our time didn’t hurt his chances of say, signing a record deal with Capitol. But that’s beside the point. What counts is the caliber of the songs he delivers.

We recently caught up with Lennon, who chose to release a DVD film in conjunction with “Friendly Fire” to expand upon the ideas and feelings of the album’s 10 songs.

“The record is not a feature film, but it’s not a record,” he says. “It’s more like an extended multimedia art piece.”

He tries not to think about the medium he’s working in. Whether it’s film, painting or songs, they’re all just different ways of expressing yourself and creating art, he says.

“I do think of myself as an artist more than I do specifically as a solo singer,” he says. “Being a musician is just one outcome for the day. But there’s many other things you can do with your life if you’re an artist.”

In this podcast, JAIME HOLGUIN sits down with Lennon to discuss his artistic process, his legendary father and his harshest critic — his mother Yoko Ono.

Source: South Bend Tribune


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