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Some thoughts on ranking the albums.

I must momentarily digress from daily news, and share a story. 

My friend and I have been in an argument over the last few weeks.  We’ve been trying to pin down what our favorite albums are.  I told him, it’s like Sophie’s Choice, I simply cannot do it.  I love so many of the albums for various reasons. 

For example: I love the White Album for it’s varied, yet raw tapestry that each member was albe to showcase.  It truly is a post-modern opus of a work that shows you truly how much diversity you can have in simplicity.  Unity in diversity.

I love Rubber Soul for bridging the bubble gum pop with full-blown psychedelia.  Everytime I hear that sitar, I get that feeling, you know, that feeling.  It’s magic each time. 

I love the Beatles for Sale.  The Fabs introduce so mellow harmonies and some screaching rockers.  How can anyone not like the opening yells of “Mr. Moonlight?”  These are the moments that I listen for.

Asking me which album I love best is like asking me which thumb I like best.  I simply can’t.  I love them both dearly, and would not be able to live effectively without them both.  Now, in retrospect, I would not be able to fully appreciate the kaleidoscope of Sgt. Pepper without the raw, starkness, and live atmosphere of Let it Be.  You cannot fully have one without thinking about the other.

I really wish my friend would give it up and stop pressing me.  I cannot rank them, I don’t want to rank them.  I appreciate the body, the sum of the parts, all of them equally.  And I will leave it at that. 

The bootlegs on the other hand, I may try and rank them some other time.


4 Responses

  1. Yes, that would be incredibly tricky to pick one album out from the others. I would have much better luck choosing an individual song :).

  2. My thoughts:
    Ranking albums has always been a topic explored by the major music mags and Pepper has been a favorite in these polls over the years with Revolver starting to make a strong push.
    I first heard Meet The Beatles when I was 15 years old and my favorite album since then has been the latest from the Mop Tops. Ranking albums ever since has always stirred a heated discussion among Beat fans. A close buddy and I always seem to renew this discussion every time we see one of the mags make a list. We seem to have settled on a tier system. Albums seems to fit in a tier and can be in any order within the tier, for example, the first tier would be Pepper, Revolver and Rubber Soul. Personally Rubber Soul is my “desert island” favorite (today).
    The second tier would be the White Album, Abbey Road and Magical Mystery Tour (on the strength of Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane on the US version).

    By the way, my recolection and love of these collections are from the US versions.

    The third tier is muddled by the uniqueness of all the remaining albums and if you add UK versions, Help becomes a very strong contender due to it’s magnificent collection of pop songs.

    I guess if you get 5 Beatle fans together, this type of discussion could go on well into the night. The reason for this is apparent. The songs are so good. so memorable, so personel amd uniquely touch each and every fan, there will never be any one difinitive list, but there will always be these types of discussions.

    And in the end, the list you take is equal to the list you make…

  3. Nice. Yeah I guess this discussion could go well into the night. It’s all too personal I suppose.

  4. […] The bootlegs on the other hand, I may try and rank them some other time. Posted by MattThis article impressed me very much.Link to original article […]

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