Macca divorce leak may cost Heather.

The road looks to be getting rockier and rockier for the soon-to-be former Mr. McCartney.  Things are not looking to well for her.  I hope her piece of the McCartney pie just keeps getting smaller and smaller.  Here’s what we’ve read.

Heather Mills may now receive a smaller divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney following the leak of court papers detailing sensational allegations against him.

A leading divorce expert suggested any money received from a gagging clause may now be greatly diminished because so much damaging material was already in the public domain. Sir Paul may even forsake a gagging clause enabling him to hold on to much more of his estimated £825 million fortune.

A gagging clause could be worth several million pounds.

Court papers leaked yesterday detailed a series of accusat ions against 64- year- old McCartney and made by Ms Mills, 38.

She claims McCartney was violent including allegations he stabbed her with a broken wine glass and pushed her into a bath when four months pregnant.

McCartney issued a statement last night in which he said he would defend “these allegations vigorously and appropriately”. His lawyers Payne Hicks Beach stressed concern for his children during the divorce.

Her lawyers have insisted all her claims are true and that she is not responsible for the leak of court papers. She is threatening to sue newspapers which suggest otherwise. Her law firm Mischon de Reya is investigating who leaked the papers.

Lawyers have expressed surprise that so much lurid detail was contained in Ms Mills’ response to McCartney’s petition for divorce. Outrageous behaviour has no bearing on the sums awarded in divorce settlements.

The contents of the papers run counter to Law Society guidelines which “actively discourage unnecessary allegations” in divorce papers for the sake of any children. Experts predict she could receive anywhere between £30m and £50m.

But she may now have lost out on a further sum – paid out to her if she was to sign a gagging clause preventing her talking or writing about the marriage. But any value on the clause – worth several million pounds – would now be severely diminished.

McCartney now has little incentive to pay her huge sums to keep quiet.

Leading divorce lawyer James Stewart, a partner at law firm Manches said: “I find very detailed allegations of over-thetop behaviour in divorce petitions unnecessary, distasteful and almost guaranteed to be counter productive.”

He speculated the allegations may have been made in an attempt to secure a large confidentiality agreement. “If she was trying to extract the premium to secure confidentiality it may well have rebounded.”

Source: This is London


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