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Heather: Macca Beat Me.

It’s very much a “he said,” “She said” thing at this point.  This hole mess is just sad for all.  She’s going to make her moneu from him.  Why does she have to ruin his reputation too?  It just sucks.

Sir Paul McCartney was last night said to be furious at claims he repeatedly attacked his estranged wife.

The former Beatle was described as “shocked and devastated” by allegations that he tried to choke Heather Mills and even attacked her while she was pregnant.

The claims emerged yesterday in papers filed by Heather ahead of the couple’s £1billion divorce.

She is said to claim McCartney subjected her to four attacks, including one in which he stabbed her with a broken wine glass.

He is also said to have continued to use illegal drugs and drink excessively.

Last night, friends of the star said he would fight the allegations when their divorce reaches court next year.

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A source said: “He denies the claims completely and cannot believe he would ever be accused of such behaviour.


“He’s absolutely furious. He only ever cared for her.”


Details of Heather’s allegations are outlined in the divorce papers, in which she claims he became “physically violent” and acted in a “vindictive punitive manner” towards her.


The papers are said to give details of one alleged attack in Los Angeles in November 2002, in which McCartney is said to have “grabbed her by the neck and pushed her over a coffee table”.


The next year, when Heather was pregnant, it is claimed the ex-Beatle became angry and pushed her into a bath.


And, in April, McCartney is alleged to have poured red wine on her from a bottle and threw the rest of what remained in his glass at her.


The papers add: “He then lunged at the respondent with the broken, sharp stem of the wine glass, which cut and pierced the respondent’s arm just below the elbow and began to bleed profusely.


“He proceeded to manhandle the respondent, flung her into her wheelchair and wheeled it outside, screaming at her to apologise for ‘winding him up’.”

Source: The Daily RecordFalk AdSolution


One Response

  1. I remember that tart when she lost a leg in the late 80’s and went running to the newspapers saying ‘I lost my leg, please give me some money’.

    Once the money ran out a few months later she was back in the papers again saying ‘I lost my leg, please give me some money’. This happened 3 or 4 times as I recall.

    The fact is she is an lying ex-prostitute who somehow completely duped Macca, and nobody in the UK believes a bloody word she says.

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