More details released on Beatles’ LOVE CD.

It looks like more details have leaked regarding The Fab’s companion album to the Vegas Love show.  I for one cannot wait for this album to drop.  See you in Vegas baby!  Here’s what we’ve read.  It looks like we will be able to crank up our surround sound systems on November 21st.


LOVE, is a fascinating reworking of numerous classic Beatles recordings by the band’s original producer, Sir George Martin and his son Giles. LOVE, is also the title of the highly successful Cirque du Soleil show, a co-production with Apple Corps, featuring the music of The Beatles, currently wowing audiences in Las Vegas. In creating the music for the show and for the album, George and Giles have created a continuous “soundscape” – a series of well-known Beatles songs augmented by additional instrumentation and vocals taken from their vast bank of original multi-track tapes.

If you can imagine “Strawberry Fields Forever” beginning with John’s original demo before going into an early take of the song and then climaxing in a musical collage including the piano solo from “In My Life” and the harpsichord pattern from “Piggies” and lots, lots more – or “Get Back”, prefaced by the “Hard Day’s Night” opening guitar chord, the guitar and drum solos from “The End” and segued into “Glass Onion”, you will begin to get the picture. But hearing is believing!

The guys have pushed back the boundaries and come up with a brand new work that will add to the enduring legacy of the band. The result is an amazing album that not only reinforces the timeless quality of the group’s recordings – the fans will have fun enjoying the roller coaster experience of the album whilst trying to spot where all the pieces come from. It is also destined to open up a new legion of fans to The Beatles experience.

BUY! HERE’S WHY! STEREO CD will contain 78 minutes of newly mixed and mastered music packaged in a jewel box with a 28-page booklet including liner notes by George and Giles Martin. FIRST TIME EVER DELUXE COLLECTOR’S EDITION will include both the stereo CD and a BONUS AUDIO DVD packaged in a digi-package with O-card.

The DVD is audio only and will contain 81 minutes of music in 5.1 surround sound (presented in DTS, Dolby and DVDA). 1-HOUR RADIO SPECIAL to air nationally and will include massive on air promotions.

PRESS / LAUNCH EVENT – Pre-release playback’s planned for Los Angeles and NYC.

– Global multi-media launch planned for November. – Major network news entertainment features. – Satellite feed of EPK on street date forecasted to reach 50 million viewers.

– Major magazine and news publications expected to feature the LOVE story. MASSIVE NATIONAL TV ADVERTISING planned to run on national network and cable outlets prerelease through December. TOOLS TV spots, radio spots, project trailer, EPK, press images, 4-song audio sampler, audio sound bites, radio programming, digital banners, admat. POP

Pre-release banners, posters, post cards, 1x1s and bin cards.

A 26 track release featuring the following:
Get Back
Glass Onion
I Am The Walrus
Drive My Car/The Word/What You’re Doing Blackbird/Yesterday
Strawberry Fields Forever
Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows
Octopus’s Garden
Lady Madonna
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
A Day In The Life
Hey Jude
All You Need Is Love

Deluxe Edition includes: Stereo CD – same as above.
Audio DVD – audio only and will contain 81 minutes of music in 5.1 surround sound presented in 3 different file formats (DTS, Dolby and DVDA).

FILE UNDER: THE BEATLES Artwork © 2006 The Cirque Apple Creation Partnership/Apple Corps Ltd.


9 Responses

  1. Awesome news, I cannot wait 😀 I wonder when the actual show DVD will be available…

  2. Aaaargh, can’t wait! There’ll be so much I’ll have to buy this winter.

  3. Give it to us now!

  4. Looking forward to it! I’m checking the web for updates almost every day.
    I mean, it’s got to be more interesting than “1”!

  5. George Martin said that once we hear “Love” in 5.1, we’ll NEVER be able to hear The Beatles in stereo again! I don’t know how they managed to isolate the “bounced” tracks (they’d often reduce many tracks into one to make room for additional overdubbing) in order to create the 5.1 mix, but I HAVE heard some mono mixes on a few websites promoting the show.

    From what little I was able to hear — I’m blown away.

    For example:

    They’ve taken the opening chord to HARD DAY’S NIGHT, then looped it backwards … it rings out, begins to fade and swells back up. Then, the drum and guitar solos from THE END kick in over the opening sequence to GET BACK.

    In LUCY IN THE SKY, they added the horn section to SGT PEPPER in the chorus.



    And George and Giles Martin made it all sound like it BELONGED in there! They did a brilliant job.

    I’m a musican and a published songwriter, as well as a recording engineer and a producer (and I wouldn’t be if not for The Beatles), so I’m speaking not only as a huge fan of “the boys,” but as a professional.

    I can hardly wait to load the DVD-mix into my player and embark on a new magical mystery tour. The 26 tracks have bit’s from 120 songs!!

    Best Buy and Amazon have already pre-sold enough units that the product has made their “Top Seller” lists! And it’s not being issued for a month yet!

    My future wife is buying it for me for Christmas. Arrragh!!!! I gotta wait until THEN to listen! Hurry-up Christmas!

  6. What’s on the three minute difference between the regular CD and DVD? More music? Bridging tracks? Dead air?

  7. Ive had love in my mp3 player now for a week or so, and I just can’t stop listening… it’s the soundtrack of my entire life! (i was born in -64)

  8. Hi I am a massive fan of the beatles & have all the beatles lps & albums, also my mother bought this cd for my birthday!

  9. Sorry! I meant its on my mp3 & my phone. Oh and me and myfriends are doing a project on the beatles in our english lesson!

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