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Macca’s security scare.

It looks like a bit of a security breach.  That is some scary stuff.  Especially with the history that The Fabs have had with crazies attacking them.  Tough times for poor Paulie. If I can find the youtube video I’ll post it.

Sir Paul McCartney has been left fuming after intruders broke into his country estate.

Two US tourists filmed themselves wandering around PaView the profile for Paul McCartney on Celebrity Spotlightul’s English estate at Peasmarsh, East Sussex, and recorded footage of his cars and home, before posting the video on the YouTube website.

Paul is reportedly “livid” that the fans managed to sneak into the 933-acre estate and has ordered his staff to tighten security.

A source told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Macca is livid. He is supposed to have tight security to protect him and his family but this pair walked straight in. It’s lucky they were harmless. He didn’t need something like this to happen, his divorce to Heather Mills is giving him enough stress.”

It is thought the two intruders entered Paul’s land via a public footpath running close to the borders of his estate.

As they head towards the musician’s house, they are heard saying on the video: “This is it. This is his house. It’s beautiful. Oh God, we are going to be in so much trouble.”

In another clip, muffled singing and music can be heard and the tourists claim it is Paul.

The 64-year-old musician has previously complained that the public footpath runs too close to his home.

This is not the first time a former member of the Beatles has been the victim of obsessive fans.

John Lennon was shot dead by crazed fan Mark Chapman in New York in 1980, and George Harrison narrowly escaped death after he was repeatedly stabbed by an intruder in 1999.

Source: Life Stlye Extra


2 Responses

  1. Please do not mention that name again on your blog, especially on Lennon’s birthday.

  2. So sorry Joe….I”m simply quoting the article. I’ll try not to mention it again.

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