Stella’s subtle Mills snub.

I love the cattiness of these fights.  IT really makes me chuckle.  I guess there is family drama in every family.  It’s unavoidable. 

Sir Paul McCartney`s daughter Stella dedicated her new fashion collection to her late mother Linda McCartney and her dad, without making any mention of her father`s estranged wife, Heather Mills.

In a handwritten note posted backstage at the show, Stella wrote: “This show is dedicated to my husband and son… it is also for my mum and dad. It is only possible, though, because of my team that keeps getting better and better! x Stella.”Stella may not have come out in the open about her feelings for her estranged step-mom Heather Mills, but the invite to her latest fashion show seemed to make an indirect jibe at her.

Invitations to the fashion show were in the form of a limited edition Mr Men book titled Little Miss Stella, reports the Daily Mail.

It tells how Little Miss Stella takes pity on invisible Little Miss Nobody and makes her an outfit that immediately turns her into a somebody.

This led to speculations whether the Little Miss Nobody was a thinly veiled reference to her stepmother who experienced a similarly remarkable rise in fortunes when she married into the McCartney clan.

Source: Zee news


2 Responses

  1. We blamed the Beatles break-up on Yoko, and it’s tempting to blame the woman for this break-up too. Blaming the woman has been going on since the time of Adam and Eve. But this time I’m going to try my best not to blame the woman. I’ll probably end up failing at this, because I’m a man. In the meantime, I want to dedicate this Paul McCartney/Beatles tribute song to Paul:

    When I Heard You Sing
    Alyssa Kaess
    words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006
    [audio src="" /]

  2. Matt you are making this more than what it really is. Linda was her mom for goodness sakes, she’s dedicated stuff to BOTH her parents before. This is nothing new. Perhaps this is just the delicious “soap opera” you need, to escape the one in your own life.

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