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John Lennon’s first Asian love was a 17-year old groupie.

Stories like this really amuse me.  I guess everyone has their own Beatle connection.  You know, I was John Lennon’s first cousin’s- driver’s waitress on his 32nd birthday.  (No, not really.) Anyway, you get the point we all have some connection, I guess some connections are closer than others. 

Look for the book from Lennon’s first Asian lover to hit bookstores sometime in 2095.  (OK OK I’m just kidding again.)

Jenny Kee / File

Australian-Chinese fashion designer Jenny Kee believes that she’s the one who paved the way for Yoko Ono to marry ‘Beatles’ legend John Lennon, by being the first Asian woman he slept with.

Sydney, Oct 6: Australian-Chinese fashion designer Jenny Kee believes that she’s the one who paved the way for Yoko Ono to marry ‘Beatles’ legend John Lennon, by being the first Asian woman he slept with.

Kee revealed that when she had slept with Lennon as a 17-year old groupie, he told her that it would be his first sexual encounter with an Asian woman.

The designer believes that Lennon got so hooked, that it made it possible for Yoko Ono to marry him.

“He’d never been with an Asian girl before, so what can I say? He chose me. He said: ‘I’ve never been with an Asian girl before’,” the AAP quoted her, as telling Who magazine.

As for what it was like having sex with the legendary singer, Lee admits that the whole experience was “fantastic”.

“Sleeping with John Lennon was a fantastic thing,” she said.

Lee also insists that she was not a “hardened” groupie, but rather a “naïve” one when she and Lennon ended up in bed.

“I wasn’t a hardened groupie. I was very naive. I’d only had two boyfriends before that”

However, she admits that meeting the band had been no coincidence, but a well thought of strategy.

“There was wall-to-wall security, but we pressed all the buttons in the lift until it jammed, and that’s how we got onto the stairwell and met them. There was no holding back,” she revealed.

Source: SAWFS News


9 Responses

  1. That has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard haha. And I pray she was better looking in the ’60s.

  2. How many more bimbos are going to come out of the woodwork and say they slept with John??!!!! May Pang was bad enough…………. ugh!!! and as for John being a “fantastic” lover she’s hardly likely to say otherwise is she!!! Give me strengh………

  3. LMAO. Yeah. That’s hilarious.

  4. I think this woman told what has she experienced with Johnny too late!and i wondering why she told that just 27 years after Johnny’s death!i think what has she told is in part true,but it ‘s difficult to accept because she could tell it before……now it’s so harder believe her!SORRY JENNY,BUT TRY AGAIN !!!MAYBE WITH SOMEONE ELSE!XD

  5. WTF.

    Her last name is Kee or Lee??


  6. I am from Australia. Jenny Kee has been on TV here on and off for years as a minor socialite and fashion designer. I heard of this story many years ago, it is not new. John Lennon was the sort of guy to sleep with any woman he chanced upon – married or not. He even had affairs when married to Yoko and living in NYC. If it wasn’t Jenny way back then in Sydney then it was someone else wasn’t’ it… What’s the big deal about this story one way or the other.

  7. but his asian woman is not virgin. ha ha. a western man has recently married a divorced thai woman, despite unmarried thai women over married ones. why? we asian women are not interested in you.

  8. Haha Tuk, I doubt there’s a virgin woman in Thailand, as your parents all sell you as children to anyone with a few baht. Sure you’re not interested in the farangs, you’re interested in their money. Duh. Even the stupid farangs know that. They can only buy what you sell so drop the high and mighty act. Seems like plenty of Thais are desperate enough to marry white men, Thailand must be a real dump. Do us a favor and stay there, thanks!

  9. Informative post, this is. It is always nice to come across a post that is useful.

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