Macca neighbors glad they split.

It’s kind of funny to me that an wntire community would be glad that people split-up, but I guess it does happen.  When you are one of the world’s most famous celebrities, I suppose people even place wagers on such things.  I guess, too, that when you follow in the footseps of the highly-regarded Linda, then you don’y always quite stack up.  She seemed like an awesome lady, while the current Mrs. McCartney isn’t even in the same league.

Sir Paul McCartney’s neighbours in his home village are delighted he has split from Heather Mills.

The villagers of Peasmarsh, in southern England, say they never liked the former Beatle’s second wife in the same way they were fond of his first wife, the late Linda McCartney.

One resident told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper: “We never saw Heather in the village or at fetes. Linda used to get so involved in village life and community projects. She even launched her range here.

She was well liked.

“We never really got to know Heather whereas Paul is the salt of the earth and part of community life.”

Sir Paul split from Heather in May and the couple are currently embroiled in a bitter divorce battle. Heather is reportedly demanding £200 million of the music legend’s £800 million fortune.

The singer spent £1 million building a Heather a dream lodge on the 160-acre estate in Peasmarsh, but Heather always preferred to spend time at their seaside home in nearby Hove, or in London.

Source: Post Chronicle


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