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Macca to buy back Beatles’ catalog…”you never give me your money”….continues.

It looks like good olde’ Paul will be able to get back to buying The Beatle’s tunes.  Maybe the remasters will be here soon enough.  Let’s hope everything works out for Paul.  It’s about damn time this happened.  Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney is to get his hands back on the rights to The Beatles’ back catalogue of songs – which he lost 21 years ago.

The musician lost the rights to the majority of the Fab Four’s hits to then close friend Michael Jackson in a bidding war in 1985.

Jackson paid nearly £40 million for the collection leaving McCartney, who dueted with Jackson on worldwide hit ‘The Girl Is Mine’ in 1982, fuming.

Now the former Beatle has learned the rights to many of the songs, which include ‘Come Together’ and ‘Getting Better’, are set to return to him automatically.

He revealed to Britain’s Daily Express newspaper: “In about 10 years a lot of the back catalogue returns to me, just legally. Some of the important rights are about to return which I didn’t realise.”

McCartney, 64, has previously admitted he hates the fact he has to pay Jackson money every time he plays one of his own songs on tour.

Source: Female First


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