Sean Lennon: “I’m not my dad.”

This is the album that I am anticipating this fall.  Hold all presses, stop all cars, I cannot wait to hear it in its entirity.  I have heard a few tracks, but can’t wait to experience it films, music, and all.  So we are not comparing anyone to their dad.

Sean Lennon has hit out at critics who expect him to be exactly like his dad, the late Beatle John Lennon.

The young musician, who is preparing to release his new album FRIENDLY FIRE, resents expectations that he should make the same music as his late father.

He says, “What bothers me is when people don’t know how I feel, but are looking at me anyway. That’s what makes me uncomfortable, being in the public eye. People are projecting this idea on to me, like, ‘I hate that Lennon kid.

He should be like his dad.'” Songs on Sean’s new album was inspired by his break-up with singer/actress BIJOU PHILLIPS.

He tells, “I have to say that I never have issues with putting out songs that are personal. I have this innate thing that I don’t care.”

Source: PR-Inside


6 Responses

  1. Correct, he’s not his dad. His dad was a phenomenal songwriter for 20 years. Even his half-brother Julian can write better songs.

  2. I always thought of Julian as the “John Lennon” son, and Sean as the “Yoko Ono” son. Julian being the son of John and Cynthia, grew up in England, knew Paul, Ringo, and George, went thru the whole Beatle thing. His mom hung out at the cavern w/ Mareen, etc. Of courde it’s not to say Sean isn’t talented, I’m just partial to Julian.

  3. People shouldn’t expect Sean to be exactly like his dad. His name is Sean Lennon, not John Lennon. The same goes for Julian. Both are very talented men, in their own right, who should be respected for their own personalities, interests & styles. As for the whole thing about Julian being the “John Lennon” son and Sean being the “Yoko Ono” son. So just because Sean is Yoko’s son he’s not John’s son? That’s pretty low. Both are John’s sons & I see a lot of John in each of them. But, again, I go back to my previous comment that they should not be expected to be just like their dad. People should listen to their music with an open mind.

  4. In fairness, Sean is simply the Irish form of John. So, really, he kinda is called John Lennon.

  5. Sean is very fortunate to be in a position to publish his art, but its too bad that he’s constantly being compared to his dad (and/or his brother) and being put down for not being enough like him (them). Although Sean is a part of his father, Sean is his own person and should be respected for his own work in its own right. I have a son that I love dearly, and it is my hope that he will admire me and be inspired by my successes without feeling he has to be just like me or a clone of me.

  6. dead meat is the greatest song,thankyou for caring.i wish crispin mills and you have a cd and such.GOLOKA VRNDAVANS MOTHER.

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