AUDIO/VIDEO: George Harrison “Living in the Material World”

As many of you know George’s epic album Living in the Material World is being remastered and is available tomorrow everywhere.  It looks to be a great gem, and like most Harrison re-issues it is chock full of audio goodies, and a great remastering effort.  This album is no different.   The micro-website is equally as exceptional.

If you haven’t visited the George Harrison website in a while, I highly recommend you do so.  There is a podcast (part 1 is available now) which accompanies the album and the remastering effort. It includes new and old interviews with all the musicians involved with the album.  Archived audio includes an interview with Mr. Harrison himself. 

The website also includes several unseen photos from the era that are sure to be included in the album booklet as well. 

There are also video clips available on the website to celebreate this album.  It looks like these are promo clips for the DVD that comes with the album too.


One Response

  1. I just bought the CD/DVD special edition of George’s great second album. Hearing these songs again clean and accurate is a real pleasure. This is one of my favorite solo albums. Too bad there are some issues that must be brought up:
    1. We get another “clip” from the Japan concert of 1991. The DVD in the Dark Horse box set gave us a few other clips. Why isn’t the whole concert available? Obviously, it was a great show. Do we need to wait for the “special edition” of Brainwashed to come out sometime in 2025 before we can piece together the whole show?
    2. The “Material World” video on the DVD…why is it not complete? Would it have been too much trouble to complete the song with some visual pieces to make a complete video? To aggravate the problem, it was a really interesting collection of old videos and it pulled me in, only to end abruptly.
    3. 5.1 In a package sold in 2006 with a CD and a DVD and only one track in 5.1? This same thing happened in McCartney’s special edition of “Backyard”. One track in 5.1. There was plenty of room on the DVD to include a 5.1 mix of the whole album. The Beatles used to carry the torch when it came to the cutting edge of technology. Not any more.

    It sounds like I am crabbing, but I really liked the remaster of this importaint work, It’s just that I think, as a 57 year old core fan, we deserve more.

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