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VIDEO: It was 41 years ago today….Beatle cartoons first aired.

There must be a Beatles’ anniversary everyday, but this one is pretty big. It was on 25th September 1965 that the weekly 30 minute Beatles cartoon show was first aired on ABC. The show ran until April 20th 1969. Each show featured a series of “mini-adventures” wrapped around a Beatles song.  Here is some information on the first two episodes, as well as the video clips from those first two episodes.  throughout the week we’ll try to post more episodes.  ENJOY!

Sadly these cartoons have yet to be officially released, however, you can find them in bootleg trading circles.

Episode 1:  A Hard Day’s Night/ I Want To Hold Your Hand

A Hard Day’s Night

A Hard Days Night: The Beatles try to rehearse at the Transylvania Hilton but gets a bit crowded when all the locals decide to come over to be nosey. John decides they need to find a different place to practice so they find an empty castle, but soon learn that it isn’t as empty as they thought. Their music awakens the dead and they soon find out that creatures of the night are Beatles fans, too.

I  Want to Hold Your Hand

I Want To Hold Your Hand: The Beatles take an ocean cruise to get some peace and relaxation. But they soon discover that this isn’t possible as they chased by screaming fans, and to make matters worse, the story narrator keeps letting their hiding locations slip. They hop into a diving bell for cover which is dropped into the water. There they encounter a lovestruck octopus and reunite it with its mate.

Episode 2: Do You Want To Know A Secret/If I Fell

Do You Want to Know a Secret

Do You Want To Know A Secret: The Beatles take a much needed vacation to Dublin, Ireland. They stay in a quaint little cottage, and Ringo’s room is full of chickens. While there, they run into a lady leprechaun named Willomena Morris. She wants to take them to her special pot of gold, she says its a “golden opportunity”. Her pot of gold turns out to be an undiscovered band of musicians.

If I Fell

If I Fell: John is kidnapped by a mad scientist’s assistant. The mad scientist wants to bring to life a Frankenstein type monster and make it a rock star, all she needs is the brain of a beetle (hence the kidnapping of John, the “brain of the Beatles”). John and the monster’s brains are switched, the singing monster is mobbed by a herd of female fans. He can’t handle the pressure and the girls rip him apart and foil the plan.


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