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VIDEO: Beatles: She Loves You

It looks like there is a new Fab Four video coming out just in time for my birthday!  While this isn’t the most exciting video release.  It looks to provide some interesting press conference clips, and news clips that may not be available elsewhere.  Maybe on some boots, but these look to be good quality.  Here’s what we’ve read.She Loves You

DVD – The Beatles: She Loves You
Released October 31st, 2006

SHE LOVES YOU is a 70-minute black and white documentary completely exploring the Beatles phenomenon. This amazing footage details exactly how it was for The Fab Four in those early heady days when it all happened so quickly! As close to you will ever get without actually being there, it’s simply crammed with many humorous and often at time revealing interviews, press conferences, screaming fans and 60s nostalgic memories. John, Paul, George, and Ringo each talk about the rise from humble early beginnings in the cobbled streets of Liverpool to being major pop cultural icons for the 60s generation.


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