Beatles to finally appear on British stamps.

Well now the long wait is finally over.  The beatle collecting world and the British stamp collecting set finally can sit down and knock a few back with something to talk about.  The Fabs are now going to be officially released on british postage!

Here’s a sneak peak at the stamps.

Set of 6 Royal Mail Beatles stamps showing album covers of With the Beatles, Sergeant Pepper, Help, Abbey Road, Revolver and Let it Be.

(More stamps under the cut.)

  Royal Mail Miniature sheet of 1st class Beatles stamps showing memorabilia - guitar, luchbox, 45rpm single, tea tray.







 Sorry about the quality of the picture.  It was the best I could find.

Here’s some more information about those stamps.  Hopefully they even release the solo-series stamp set next.


2 Responses

  1. Hello, great news…its more the poor man’s collection rather than the astronomical prices at various auctions…The artwork ofcourse is unique, how much do the first day covers cost anyway?

    And when do the coins come out?
    Kind regards//Jim:-))

  2. Some of our ‘alternative’ Beatles covers can be ordered here.

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