Sgt. Pepper tops UK poll.

You know, I think this is great…BUT…. How many freakin’ polls do they have in the UK.  It seems to me that they just had a poll about something else.  These polls are happening every other day.  Usually they have the same outcome. 

1. Sgt. Pepper
2. Revolver
3. White Album
4. Michael Jackson
5. Sticky Fingers
6. Dark Side of the Moon

BLAH BLAH BLAH….vice-versa, etc. Whatever.  Just proclaim that the greatest thing recorded is Sgt. Pepper and Revolver, and then there is everything else.  No more polls need to be taken, written EVER.  Ever. Period.  I’m tired of them.  They are all the same.  ARGH. OK I’ll stop now.  Here’s the news story.

The Beatles have topped the latest poll to find the nation’s favourite Number One album. Their most famous record, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, was yesterday revealed as the public’s favourite record to have topped the album charts.
More than 220,000 votes were received by Radio 2 to compile the list, which was arranged to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the official UK album chart.

Aptly, the victory for the album comes on the 40th anniversary of the last public performance by the Fab Four – a live concert in San Francisco.

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EMI likely to try and stop Beatles’ suit.

It looks like EMI will try to retaliate to the suit filed by The Beatles.  It’s just another round of “Sue Me, Sue You.”  It’s just another day.  I suppose.   Here’s the scoop.

EMI Group PLC, said Thursday it is likely to appeal a ruling in a New York court Wednesday allowing The Beatles to proceed with litigation against the music company. 

A spokeswoman said the London-based record company would “likely” appeal against proceedings in the United States, which are running parallel to separate litigation in Britain.

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