Biographer confirms Lennon Affair with Epstein

I guess you really do have to “hide your love away.”  Maybe it happened maybe it didn’t.  We’ll never know for sure.  You never know.  John Lennon could’ve lied to Hunter Davies for a lark.  (Haven’t used that word in a long time.)  Anyway, here’s what we’ve heard.  We’ll have to read the book when it comes out.

The late JOHN LENNON had a one night stand with THE BEATLES’ gay manager BRIAN EPSTEIN in 1963, according to the band’s official biographer HUNTER DAVIES. In Davies’ forthcoming memoirs THE BEATLES, FOOTBALL AND ME he claims Lennon once told him of his night of passion with Epstein in Barcelona, Spain. At the time, Lennon’s first wife CYNTHIA had recently given birth to their son JULIAN. Davies writes, “John wasn’t a homosexual but he was daft enough to try anything once.” Lennon was shot dead by MARK DAVID CHAPMAN in 1980; Epstein died of a drug overdose in 1968.

Source: Contact Music


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  1. Why does this blurb end with how they both died? That’s a strange way to end an anecdotal article, but I notice it happens a lot with both Epstein and Lennon. It’s like “In case you forgot, John Lennon was shot.” I think most people with hald a lobe already know that.

  2. You know I thought that was a bit odd too. Just a weird way to end that article. Like it’s so final. And like no one would know by know what happened to them. I mean it’s not like their unknown people.

  3. How can we believe something as prone to be one of Lennon’s fake-outs, if Mr Davies cannot even get the year of Brian’s death correct?

    I used to put great stock in the validity of Hunter Davies’ Beatle writings, seeing as he was the one and only author personally approved by Brian Epstein himself to write the Beatles’ official biography…

    …however, now I feel Mr Davies’ age might be catching up with him.

  4. It’s not surprising that your already posted commenters wonder why the “news” about Brian and John’s trip to Barcelona in 1963, putatively to see the Gaudi architecture, ends with info about the death of both of the “real” people. No news to the geezers!!
    You would all be surprised, even shocked, to find out how little people born 1980 and after know about anything whatsoever. These people are not “hard wired” to the name “Brian Epstein. I doubt if they’re hard wired to the Viet Nam War.
    There is a beautiful movie, “The Hours and Times” (title from a sonnet by WS) based on the story of Brian and John’s 1963 trip to Barcelona, released in 1991, written and directed by Christopher Munch; Brian is played by David Angus, and John by Ian Hart. Music by JSB, “The Goldberg Variations,” played by Glenn Gould, who died in 1983. (Plus Little Richard’s “I’m In Love Again”–Richard is quite alive, for those not hard wired to know of him and/or his works.)
    Only a flea could watch this movie and not get the implication of a sexual moment between the two young men having occurred; to know whether it’s “true” or not one needs good sources, which are not easy to come by.

  5. the reason both men’s demise is mentioned, imo, is to inform the reader that obviously neither are available to confirm or deny the accuracy of the statement.

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