Beatles book re-released to commemorate Beatles final live show.

You know I’m a really really bad Beatle blogger.  I failed to mention the anniversary of The Beatles last tour/stadium concert milestone event.  You know, Candlestick Park?  1966?  All the madness that was the mass hysteria of Beatle Mania ending??  I failed to mention it.

I wasn’t there.  I can’t even begin to describe it.  I have nothing to related to.  There is a book which has just recently been re-released to celebrate The Beatles final bow as a touring unit.  I highly recommend checking out the book Tomorrow Never Knows: The Beatles Last Concert by Eric Lefcowitz wth outstanding photos by Jim Marshall.  It is truly the definitive account of The Beatles final LIVE hurrah in ’66.

Now back in print after 15 years, this is the definitive account of the Beatles concert in San Francisco on August 29, 1966. Written by Eric Lefcowitz, it features 60 of Marshall’s celebrated photographs including images of the Beatles backstage and performing onstage for the last time.

The pictures alone make the book well worth the price of admission.  Get it quick, I know quantities are limited.

  • You can order the book here at the book’s official website.
  • You can even view a great sample chapter here.

Track down a bootleg copy of the show, sit back, and follow all of the events which close out the hysteria of Beatlemania.


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