Beatleweek 2006 in Liverpool

It looks like they have pulled out all of the stops for Liverpool’s Beatleweek 2006.  Why couldn’t I just take the whole week off and make the jump over that really big pond.  It looks like truly a blast!  Here’s what we’ve read.

Some of the biggest names in 60’s music will be lining up for Liverpool’s 2006 Beatleweek.

The event, at various venues in the city, features bands from more than 20 countries who will attract an estimated 300,000 fans from across the world.

The emphasis this year is on those contemporaries of the Beatles that helped shape and mould their music.

And that means a gig at the Empire Theatre on Saturday, August 26 by The Quarrymen, including four of the original members of John Lennon’s school band, Donovan, who travelled with the Beatles to India to meet the Maharishi and helped to write Yellow Sub-marine, and Tony Sheridan, who the Beatles backed and recorded with in Hamburg.

There is also a gig on Friday, August 25, by the Bootleg Beatles.

Sunday, August 27 will see the 2006 Beatles Convention at the Adelphi Hotel.

Appearing there will be original Beatles member Pete Best whose band will debut a new concept album, which tracks the ups and downs of his career.

That Sunday will also see the first all-nighter at the Cavern Club for 40 years.

Taking the stage at the Empire on the Monday will be more 60s legends like the Merseybeats, the Searchers, the Swinging Blue Jeans, the Undertakers, Beryl Marsden and Kingsize Taylor.

Appearing at The Cavern on the Tuesday will be Joey Molland, an Apple recording star with Badfinger, Terry Sylvester, an ex-member of the Swinging Blue Jeans, and the Escorts, who became the voice of The Hollies.

The Matthew Street Festival takes place on the Monday.

Tickets are available from

For more details check the website or ring 0151 236 9091.

Source: IC North Wales


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    bowie djati

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